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Designer & founder of GuitarClubPTadmin & founder of We <3 Bicyclesdesigner of Parvo a Estacionar

Guitar player of hard rock/punk rock (anything that contains "rock" in the name),

Photographer of everything nice -- you can find my portfolio here,

& Mountain biker -- you can see my workouts here

Coding and designing since 2002 from Leiria, Portugal, a nice city in a country near the Atlantic Ocean. 

My CV, presented in a "different" way: http://vizualize.me/PTthe13


PS: I'm also a nice, guy, I've been told... By my mother...


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"Newbie" photographer, just since 2008.

Just got my first DSLR on Apr/2011 and since then, I can't even think about putting it dow

You can find more of my photography work on my 500px.com page here.

Mountain Biking

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I am a huge sports fan. I usually go mountain biking as often as I can.

It's not only good for the body, but for the mind & soul.

You can see some of my workouts in my Endomondo page here.

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