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The Boxer's origins are ancient, dating as far back as 2500 B.C. But it was Germany in the 19th Century that refined and developed the breed as we know it today. The Boxer was used on the ducal estates to run down and hold large, fierce game-wild boar, bear and bison-until the human hunter could approach and dispatch the quarry. To that end, the Boxer was bred to be a powerful, muscular dog with the wide undershot jaw for maximum holding power. Though he is not used any longer for such pursuits, the Boxer of today should be able to perform the duties for which he was bred.


Beauty and Brains

The Boxer is a hearing guard dog, ever alert to protect his family but tolerant of any stranger once he knows there is no danger. He is a happy, exuberant dog who delights in children and is eager to play long after he has left puppyhood behind. He is a natural show-off, so many Boxers excel at Conformation, Agility and Obedience events held in conjunction with AKC shows. 


Care of Your Boxer

The Boxer requires relatively little grooming, but ownership of any dog is a definite responsibility. BOXERS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN LOOSE. Exercise within a fenced area or on a leash, and while still a puppy-using a crate is advised. Do not leave your Boxer alone with a collar around his neck, Boxers are known to snag on the most unlikely objects resulting in tragic consequences. 

Boxers have a natural tendency to clean themselves and will rarely soil a crate or close space-but it is still the owner's responsibility to keep his nails trimmed to a reasonable length and to keep his teeth clean as he ages with an occasional bath and currycombing as needed.


The Boxer is not overly tolerant of extreme conditions of either heat or cold. He should definitely be kept in the house as a beloved member of the family and enjoy safe climatic conditions. Never leave him in a closed car in hot weather-or even with the windows slightly open, because temperatures can reach dangerous and even deadly levels in very short minutes.


The information above was supplied by the American Boxer Club

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