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Tiffany and Co. Marketing and Media

Do you need someone who can think outside the box and help you penetrate an audience and generate an influx of revenue with the incorporation of Social Media and an intensive web campaign, if so we are definitely the company for you!

Tiffany&Co. Marketing and Media is a public relations and marketing firm that specializes in online and social media marketing and strategic planning and implementation.  Our primary goal is to ensure that your vision becomes reality and exceeds your expectations by allowing exploring different avenues to get you the maximum exposure possible.

We are a well-rounded team with expertise ranging in areas of social media promotion, journalism and small business marketing. Our firm offers experience ranging from publicity, web design, social media management, professional entertainment journalism and news, to customer service, call center management/quality assurance, basic database management and generation and sales.

Vision: To create and utilize the most innovate online resource to establish and build the brand of every business entity. To help propel each and every company, from the mom and pop to the Fortune 500 to a greater level than they have reached before.

Foundational Principal: To help formulate of the box ideas in order to change the mind of every man, woman and child on this earth regarding being different. My idea and role is to change man's thought process about the "rules" that go against being different and show the primary role of people is to utilize creativity, compassion and innovation to set trends and lead not look back and follow.

Mission: To inspire a higher standard in the quality of work reflected and represented by the body of Christ through increased creativity, technological advancement, social marketing infrastructure and development wisdom. To go beyond the current stand point and outlook on life to arrive and achieve a greater purpose and add increase to the leaders, businesses and nonprofits whose lives I am anointed and blessed to touch.


About Tiffany Hamilton, owner of Tiffany and Co. Marketing and Media

Tiffany Hamilton is a well-rounded business owner with over 13 years of experience in Media Marketing /Public Relations and 16 years of experience in the Corporate Call Center Management field, 15 years in Marketing and Sales and over 11 years in the field of Journalism.  We also provide very detailed experience with computers, software, basic web design and in-depth research and fact checking.

Tiffany & Co. Marketing and Media has the ability to work with an extensive list of clientele, ranging from for profit, non-for profit and entertainment.


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Tiffany and Co. Marketing and Media

Tiffany&Co. Marketing and Media is a public relations and marketing firm that specializes in online and social media marketing and strategic planning and implementation.  Our primary goal is to ensure that your vision becomes reality and exceeds your expectations by allowing exploring different avenues to get you the maximum exposure possible.

We are a well-rounded team with expertise ranging in areas of social media promotion, journalism and small business marketing. Our firm offers experience ranging from publicity, web design, social media management, professional entertainment journalism and news, to customer service, call center management/quality assurance, basic database management and generation and sales.



PUBLIC RELATIONS: Includes: writing services (press kits, press releases), print and broadcast media outreach, etc.

SOCIAL MEDIA & WEB 6.0 MARKETING SERVICES: Includes: writing services (website copy, electronic press kit creations), blog outreach, development of social networking profiles, etc.

EVENT PRODUCTION SERVICES: Includes: event planning and management, securing sponsorships, etc.


What you need to know before going viral with your business: 

Have you done your research?

A lot of D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) website builder and hosting website offer quick templates that allow you to pop in place the basic information for your business, but keep in mind that these templates are also being used by several other businesses and many are possibly in your market. Instead think outside the box and come up with an original design that no one has seen by hiring a creative professional.


Just because Joe Blows Flower Shop ad is making headlines and keeps the customers talking doesn’t mean that their idea needs to be redone by you. Allow yourself to be creative and unique to what benefits your business. Thinking outside the box is what keeps the audience captivated and quality keeps customers (or fans) coming back for more. Mae sure that whatever you produce is enticing and inviting to the people you are trying to reach.

Know what works for YOU!

With all of the various social media platforms out there, it is easy for an organization to get overwhelmed and jump on the hot platform of the moment-but DOES IT WORK FOR YOU? Knowing your business and your market, along with how the platforms work will help increase your visibility in a market that you have yet to reach and expose you to a lot more customers/fans.

What are the different types of marketing avenues out there?

Viral Strategies

Get your audience to do your marketing for you: Focus = the spreading of your message, web is a key element

 Buzz Marketing

Creating excitement buildup leading to talk in the street:  Focus = the talking about your promotion Mail, SMS and Web are integrated in a multi-channel campaign

Word of Mouth

Your customers becoming your brand evangelizers: Focus = on brand core values, spontaneous peer-to peer brand marketing

Which one will work for my business?

All three avenues work together for the assistance of furthering your business’ awareness in the industry and the community, but you have to formulate the right campaign that fits your business’ needs and Tiffany&Co. will tailor a marketing plan specifically for you. We don’t believe in cookie cutter ideas or the one size fits all method, but in tailoring a specific plan that is geared towards making your business the success it should be!

What do I need to start?

First things first, because each plan is different and specially created per client-what you need to start is too. One thing we do ask all of our clients and potential clients is to have a specific vision of the following: 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who is your core audience?
  • What avenue are you trying to break into?
  • What have you previously established?
  • What is your goal with this campaign?
  • What is your ideal frequency on reaching your clients/fans?
  • What is your mission with the viral campaign?

After you have the above, contact our office and we can set up an initial consultation to go over options and creating your individualized plan and strategy.







Keith Murray

When it comes to the Hip-Hop, Keith Murray’s name is seemingly synonymous.  With his debut single The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World produced by Erick Sermon being the Hip-Hop anthem of the early 90s, Murray is no stranger to the world of success.

After his debut album The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World, Murray went on to drop 4 more solo albums including  Enigma, It’s A Beautiful Thing, He’s Keith Murray and Rap-Murr-Phobia all met with fan anticipation and appreciation but Murray wanted more.


In the midst of legal issues and personal turmoil, Murray decided to change how he not only lived his life but also how he conducted business. Taking it back to the roots, Murray has been focusing on clean living and giving fans the best shows and music possible.


With the release of his joint project with Canibus in 2011, fans got a glimpse of the lyrical Keith Murray they grew to know and love. Although sales were low, Murray looked at it as a new avenue to reintroduce himself to a new generation of Hip-Hop fans. 


“With The Undergods album I just wanted it to really reflect where I was in life,” Murray said. “Over the past 4 years I had been through a lot and really wanted to share my experiences, good and bad, with my fans to let them know that no matter what I am always going to do music that reflects me-true lyrics and a lot of energy.”


With a new lease on his personal life and new inspiration musically, fans can expect a new sound with more lyricism on his upcoming project due out soon.


“Ultimately my goal is to inspire people out there to just keep going,” Murray continued. “I love the direction that I’m going with this album and I hope that fans will see that it was definitely worth the wait.”



With the amazing transparency, production and overall body of work, fans definitely will understand why they waited for the heat that Keith Murray always ultimately brings.


Check out Keith Murray Online: Twitter: @KeithMurrayRap                           Instagram: @KeithMurrayRap Soundcloud:

Asa Leveaux: The Leveaux Group and Genius Academy


Asa is obsessed about your success as an entrepreneurial bad ass. He wants you to succeed more than you do. With his years of experience as a profitable decision maker and entrepreneur, he is ready to change the trajectory of your life.

Genius Academy™ is for those aspiring entrepreneurs who value foundational principles. As a a result of enrolling you will:

  •  Gain clarity on what you want
  • Overcome your feeling of inadequacies
  • Obliterate your limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Formulate affirmations for your life
  • Become knowledgeable about your specific target market
  • Prepare your sales process for positive revenue
  • Network in a way that builds relationships rather than piles
  • Build a social media presence that is not overwhelming
  • Mitigate the risks that entrepreneurs encounter

​For more information about Genius Academy, log onto 


After going beyond the expectations of not only himself, but others; B-Les has definitely establish himself as a reputable emcee. Showcasing a myriad of skills and style patterns, B-Les has blown the doors wide open with his street anthem that simply tells why he chose to do it all and has the world screaming,"Ayyyyyye it's All About God!" With the debut video for his Christian anthem "All About God" receiving more than 3,500 views on the first day it premiered,-B-Les is proving that his debut success was not a fluke.

Great music is definitely what fans received from B-les' official solo debut Controlled Strength. With his solo debut, B-Les proved to fans that he could not only keep coming with bangers, but also bring the thought provoking and spiritual food that will help those who don't know, see how great our God is and also renew the love and passion of the ones who know who the great I AM truly is...

                             Get your FREE download of the latest single from B-Les "Let It Go" ft. Cam RIGHT NOW by clicking                                  the link:

To read more about B-Les, check out

Check out B-Les online: Facebook: Blesthemic  Twitter: @blesthemic  Reverbnation: Blesthemic

Rozie Turner

When it comes to music, Rozie Turner is more than a trend setter; hes in a class all by himself. Souled out with a message to inspire your spirit and motivate your soul, Rozie Turner has truly changed the way people not only view Gospel, but true soul music.

With his debut album Blood of a King, Rozie infused 90s Hip-Hop with Gospel, Soul and Jazz. His initial album was so well received, it landed him a feature on Reach Records artist..

To read more about Rozie Turner, visit

To download your FREE copy of Rozie Turner's HIT single "U Tha 1", click the link:                               Rozie Turner Back to You video link:         

Check out Rozie Turner online:  Facebook: Rozie Turner Music Page   Twitter: @TheRozieTurner  Reverbnation: Rozie Turner                      Myspace: The Rozie Turner  Bandcamp: Rozie Turner






                                Here's What's Happening at T&Co.!

              Genius Academy To Offer Veterans Free Training To Help Jump Start Entrepreneurial Success

April 20, 2015 – Genius Academy ™ is giving veterans the chance to build their dream business by offering access to the complete Genius Academy program free thru September 2015.

As a thank you for their dedication and service, Genius Academy ™ (a division of Leveaux Group) is giving back to the veterans with services including: coaching, business startup tools and informative videos that are designed to boost revenue and positively impact the entrepreneur.


“As a veteran and an active member in the armed services, I felt it was important to honor the men and women who serve and want to start building a business,” Chief Genius Activator, Asa Leveaux said.


Genius Academy ™ is a place where you don’t only learn what it takes to succeed in your industry but also a place where you are supported by others in your endeavors. With a wide range of resources, a supportive community and valuable courses, participants are guaranteed to not only grow from this promotion but also sustain long term success.

“It’s a great way to get knowledge to entrepreneurs starting out,” Leveaux continued, “We also have content for those who have been established and those who have been successful for more than 3 years because we know everyone needs a refresher course or even to know what’s current in marketing trends and more.”

Genius Academy ™ Armed Services promotion is set to begin Friday May 1, 2015 and will continue until October 1, 2015. For more information about Genius Academy ™, please visit

About Genius Academy:

Genius Academy ™ is a division of the Leveaux Group and is intended to serve as the solution for today’s aspiring and frustrated entrepreneurs. Here you can find trainings by Asa Leveaux, Chief Genius Activator™.

Invest in your future with comprehensive virtual classes to get your desired result.

About The Leaveaux Group:

Leveaux Group, Inc is a privately held holding company that is committed to providing service through different global initiatives.


Keith Murray And PELE Team Up With Negus World and Hip Hop Loves Foundation To Build Futbol Stadium in Brazil

April 22, 2015 – The world’s greatest futbol player and one of the most legendary emcees in Hip-Hop have teamed up to enrich the lives of young futbol players in Brazil by lending their influence.

Hip Hop Saves Lives Foundation and the Negus World have joined forces to support the Love Futbol Foundation with the Negus Worldwide Party to build a futbol stadium in Brazil.

“I’m definitely excited to be the spokesman for this,” Keith Murray said, “I love helping kids and to help give them a way to become better through sports is an amazing thing.”

Keith Murray, who is most known for being a legendary emcee, has lent his philanthropic support for a great cause to stand beside legendary futbol player Pelle who donated two autographed jersey to support efforts.

“It’s an honor to be able to lend a hand beside one of the greatest Futbol players in the world,” Murray continued, “I know that people will lend a hand to this worthy cause because it’s definitely going to impact the kids in a major way.”

A great cause with an even greater benefit is definitely worth the support of those in and out of the community.

To be a part of the Negus Worldwide Party Event, come out May 9th to Nevada Smiths located at 100 3rd Ave between 12th& 13th Street in New York City. Event starts at 9p and will continue until 4am.


Hip Hop Saves Lives (HHSL) is a non-profit organization that is here to re-instate the original purpose of Hip Hop. We do this by teaching humanity through hip hop as a youth program entitled Kids Helping Kids; A Hip Hop Experience. We teach at NYC schools, a homeless teen shelter, incarcerated youth, teens on probation and at two schools in Haiti.


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