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Instagram – a platform to help you grow

Instagram continues to rise in popularity and the number of users registered on this site now exceeds 150 million. Well, it might not be as hugely popular as Facebook with over a trillion users or Twitter with over 500 million registered users, however its popularity can be estimated by the fact that Facebook ended up buying it for $1bilion. 

One feature that makes this site so hugely popular with businesses (small and big) is that target audience, at least by the age, as the vast majority of Instagram users are under 35 years of age. So if you are looking for a young audience, eager to participate and if you can offer something visually appealing, Instagram is your social network.

Don’t bother to buy Instagram followers

Like any other social network, you are not going  not get followers on Instagram overnight by some magical spell, but there are a number of good practices that will give you a boost.  There is no any one particular secret to get free followers on Instagram, but combined efforts are sure to give very good results.

Organizes a contest

Organize a photo contest on Instagram;(ThePhotoSociety hosts one) it is very simple and will help you gain visibility and followers. Create a specific hashtag to participate so that it easier to follow. You can ask your followers to vote or you can be the jury.


Take advantage of other social networks to promote your Instagram account as the application itself lets you share your photos directly on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Socialbakers says that brands who share their Instagram photos on Facebook get a greater degree of interaction..


Instagram is like any other social network where one-way communication makes no sense and what is sought is the relationship and communication with users. Therefore interact with your audience.

It is important to respond to every comment you receive. Start conversation with your followers and always give an answer.


Seize the use of hashtags to get free followers on Instagram as this can help you start relevant conversations in your niche; however, you should be careful not to overuse the hashtags, one or two will suffice.

Wondering what hashtags are? Just check out this article on wix.

Check out those hashtags also that your followers are using and you may want to use them in your photos also should you find them interesting. A good idea is to look hashtags related to your niche such as #Marketing or #socialmedia, see that people are using it and begin to follow.


Take it easy

The rush is not good if you want to get free followers on Instagram. Don’t take to publishing hundreds of photos in no time as you'll end up annoying your followers and they may consider you nothing better than a spammer.

Promote your Instagram

It is possible to share your Instagram photos on your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account. This allows you to reach a wide audience and thus grow your free followers on Instargram.

Remember, nothing happens overnight, but it is doable. Many have done it and you can do it too. Good luck!


Things To Consider Before You Buy Instagram Followers

There are many people who are looking for a larger audience on their social media accounts. As a result, there are websites that allow you to buy Instagram followers. Before you run out and make a purchase, you should consider all of the following information.

The reality is that this entire purchase will be just for looks. Your account will have tons of people following, but will any of them actually engage with your page? You will attract people to your account because they see others like you, but they will become suspicious when no one else is making comments. If you do plan to buy Instagram followers, you should make sure that you actually have true followers so it does not appear odd.

buy instagram followersHaving a ton of Instagram followers can certainly help your business. Seriously, who in the world wants to be the first person to follow a business? When people arrive on your page and see that many others are already there, it will seem less intimidating to them.

You cannot make people like you on a genuine level, especially if you paid for them. This means you will still need to continue marketing to your target demographic. Buying followers can be used as a boost, but it is not a substitute for genuine followers. You will still have to work on appealing to those who actually have an interest in what it is you are selling.

You may have seen banners all over the place advertising Instagram followers for sale. Now that you know more about this, you can make an informed decision. Yes, they can make your account look far more legitimate than one with no followers at all, but you will still need to add followers in some other way.


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