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Who are we?

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Teach For The Needs is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that is enlisting Malaysia’s most promising future teachers in our mission to end education inequity. The Teach For The Needs is a whole-year, full-time and paid-less development programme modelled towards giving the right and chances to the student in need initiative.

Visit our website at www.teachfortheneeds.org.

What we do?

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We invite teachers who are willing to teach and guide students through this program without expecting any financial incentives to voluntarily contribute energy in an effort to give equal educational opportunities to them. Teach For The Needs is an independent program in which teachers who are interested to find their own students from schools around 5-6 people, for free tuition classes after school sessions about 1-2 hours with a frequency of about 2-3 times a week.

Interested teachers can begin to register with us to receive special financial assistance such as aid training books, photocopy paper and afternoon snacks to give to students who join the tuition classes. Volunteered teachers will need to carry out major responsibilities in addition to the opportunity through personal and professional journey that will impact interest and the impact on their careers for the long term.

Make this experience as an opportunity for you to inspire less fortunate students and give them future impact on academic achievement, aspirations as well as inspire them in becoming a role model in the society.

If you have a moral sense as we are looking for, you are offered an opportunity for students in your school that had never given the opportunity to attend tuition classes and improve their educational achievements as well as enhancing the status of their lives in the future!



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