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At American Senior Benefits...

We are dedicated to serving those in need of insurance, especially seniors. We are proudly independent, answering only to our customers. The choices our customers make are key life decisions and we work every day to help them find the right solutions at affordable prices.

What we do is important, personal and precise. Every time we help a customer make a decision that’s right for them, it makes them – and our organization – stronger.


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Medicare Supplement
Specialty Health
Long and Short Term Care
Retirement Planning


Our History

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Our current firm has its roots in 2005, when Ceres Senior Benefits (CSB) was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ceres Group, Inc. began operations as the Career division of Ceres Group, Inc. The sales staff included 13 Regional Managers and 60 agents.
One year later Great American Financial Resources Inc. (GAFRI) bought Ceres Group and Ceres Senior Benefits gained a new name: Great American Senior Benefits (GASB), a holly owned subsidiary of GAFRI. A lot had happened in just two years but then things really started to SKYROCKET!
In 2008, primary operations of GASB moved to Austin, TX (where GAFRI’s “Supplemental Division” was located). Submitted premium flew to over four times what is was in 2005, with total agent count climbing to approximately 400.
In 2010, Jim Sweeney and Clay LeGeyt purchased GASB from GAFRI and renamed it American Senior Benefits (ASB). ASB became an Independent Marketing Organization, selling the best plans from top insurance carriers and exhibiting an unmatched passion for customer service. Total agent count: more than 500 and the product portfolio began to grow!
In 2012, ASB exceeded $100 million in annuity collections. Our agent count continued to increase as agents spread the word about how great an organization we are to work with. At this time our agent count rose to more than 700 active agents.
The year 2014 was special. We introduced ASB’s Annuity Back Office for maximum customer service. Annuity collections were $220 million-plus. Overall premium exceeded $92 million, driven by $35 million in Medicare Supplement premium. Our agent count exploded to more than 900 active professionals.
In 2015 our active agent count has topped 1,000! We are going to celebrate 10 great years in business by purchasing our own home office building in Kansas City, Kansas.


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900 6th St. N Suite 106

Hudson, WI 54016

(612) 865-3318


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