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At Hagadone Digital Montana, we create innovative, customized digital marketing solutions designed to build your business and brand online.

As a full service Internet marketing agency:

  • We create and expand the reach of your brand identity
  • We develop your online voice to resonate with consumers
  • We establish your business as an in-the-know industry expert

We are Montana grown and invested in the future of our state. We believe that local businesses power the fire of innovation, and our purpose is to add fuel to that fire. We’re here to help.

*Photography by Brenda Ahearn/The Daily Inter Lake

Kimberly Kimberly Weaver

Hi, my name is Kimberly. I like traveling, reading, my cats, and going to the movies multiple times in one weekend. I think time invested in the community is time well spent. I like to ponder life's bigger questions, such as what came first the color orange or the fruit? I believe local communities will power the future.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Beloit College and a Master's of Educational Leadership from Arkansas Tech University.


Darah Fogarty

Hi, my name is Darah. I like big books, well written sentences, and freshly brewed coffee. I am a reader, a writer, and an optimist. I believe the union of storytelling and technology can start conversations, make connections, and solve problems.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a Minor in Music. I also hold a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Montana. 


KevinKevin O'Day

Hi, my name is Kevin. I live in Missoula and enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, and skiing among other hobbies in my free time. I believe in helping companies increase their online brand, through the optimization of website design and the use of digital strategies.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the University of Montana. 




Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s presence to increase its visibility in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is not a short term investment or approach. Getting to #1 doesn’t happen overnight.


PPC stands for “pay per click”, also known as paid digital marketing. These customized strategies not only complement your existing, organic Search Engine Marketing strategy, they also stand alone as a proven method that helps businesses of all sizes and scopes to get noticed online.

Web Design & Development

A truly effective custom website delivers an online visual experience that effectively showcases the intangible essence of your brand and business. Our team will conceptualize your custom web design by listening to what you want and then using the very latest innovations to create it. A great website should be a distinctive online visual experience that delivers brand consistency and optimal audience impact.

Social Media

SOCI is a platform that allows companies to merge their social media accounts together. It aggregates Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + into a user friendly interface and allows simultaneous posting on all networks. It provides a content library, a content calendar, and a design hub to create high quality images. 

Social Media Consulting

Our team will work with you to identify social media goals, create the plan to achieve them, and help with implementation. We know that navigating the evolving world of social media can be time consuming and challenging.

Content Creation & Strategy

We can help creating content that reflects who you are and establishes you as an expert in your field. Additionally, we ensure that all content is optimized to establish and add to your online presence.

Graphic Design

Customized print and web graphic design services can help lift you above the competition. Our resources and solutions can successfully stand alone, or prove a perfect complement to any other promotional strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach a specific audience on a large scale. We help you identify who your audience is and then create an engaging message tailored specifically for them.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a customized, cutting-edge automated lead management service designed specifically for your customer sect. We work to understand what excites, delights, and compels your target customer in their consumer lives; from there we can create various marketing automation tactics to keep your business firmly on their purchasing radar.

Photo/ Video

Show, don’t tell. High quality photos and videos communicate your brand in a way that text alone never will. From headshots to commercials, we do it all. 


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Montana has been built by small businesses. From the rise of the Copper Kings to the more recent brewery boom, smart, strong and stubborn entrepreneurs have made their homes and livelihoods here.

Today, 67.3% of businesses in Montana have fewer than 100 employees.* The employees at these businesses wear many hats, sometimes all the hats. That’s where we come in. We’re here to provide the expertise, services and advice, so you and your employees can get back to being great at what you do. We’re here to provide the advantage needed to reach the next level in your business.

Our team has the resources and experience to create solutions for all budgets. Our goal is the same as yours — to create a force of innovation in Montana that is impossible to ignore. 

*Small Business Profile: Office of Advocacy -

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