Anchorage's only revolving sushi bar, plates as low as $2.75

About Us

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The OEC Revolving Sushi Bar brings this Japanese dining experience to Alaska for the first time. Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared sushi from the revolving bar, or order from the full menu. Now serving lunch and dinner in the REI mall on Northern Lights.


Mon–Thur  11-3, 5-9

Fri–Sat  12-3, 5-10

Sun  12-3, 5-9

Credit cards we gladly accept:



American Express

Corkage fee


Call today to make a reservation or book online



Appetizers include dishes from both the garden and the sea, a sample below:

— Jalapeno Bomb —

cream cheese, spicy tuna, masago, scallion


— Baked Mussel —

crab meat, masago, scallion



— Octopus (Tako) Salad —

tako, mixed greens, spicy vinaigrette


— Pork Katsu Donburi —

pork cutlet, eggs over-easy, sauce


— Chirashi Sushi —

chef's choice of raw fish over sushi rice, tobiko


Treat yourself to one of our handmade, delectable desserts:

— Mochi Ice Cream —

choice of Strawberry, Chocolate, or Mango


— Tempura Banana —

fresh bananas batter fried, topped with whipped cream & chocolate drizzle



Contact Us


1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd. Ste H

Anchorage, AK 99503


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