Environmental Consultant

Environmental Consultant

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Pete Donaldson provides innovation and excellence in environmental research and consulting, combined with a commitment to client service.

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Pete Donaldson offers integrated, multidisciplinary approaches to address complex, real-world problems. His principal services include:

  • Environmental science and natural resources.
  • Economics and policy analysis.
  • Water economics and management.
  • Global climate change and stratospheric ozone protection.
  • Information management.

Pete's consulting philosophy is based on his commitment to:

  • Combine expert technical knowledge and skills with practical experience to address regulatory, legal, and business needs.
  • Provide innovative strategies rather than simple “canned” and recycled approaches.
  • Perform cutting-edge research and consulting, providing our clients with access to state-of-the-art methods.
  • Offer professional excellence, integrity, and client service.


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Pete Donaldson is an environmental toxicologist with expertise in aquatic and terrestrial toxicology, applied ecology and fisheries biology, and uncertainty analysis.

Pete's an expert in environmental sciences and natural resources, environmental economics, environmental information management, litigation support, and policy analysis. His clients include federal, state, tribal, and international government agencies, as well as utilities, industries, and law firms.

His toxicological research activities have included investigations into the bioavailability of metals to fish and plants, sublethal and behavioral responses of organisms to hazardous substances, effects of acclimation and adaptation on sensitivity to metals, community/ecological responses to chronic contamination, lethal and sublethal effects of petroleum hydrocarbons on marine organisms and communities, and reproductive, sublethal, and behavioral effects of chlorinated organics.

Pete also directs field studies on fish and wildlife populations, field studies on aquatic and terrestrial habitat and community composition, and extensive environmental sampling and monitoring programs. He has served as lead scientist on many of the prominent natural resource injury and damage investigations performed in the United States.

He has published peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and has been an invited speaker and lecturer at conferences and universities and for government agencies.

Mr. Donaldson holds a PhD in natural resources/environmental toxicology and an MS in natural resources from Iowa State University, and a BA in ecology from Oxford University.





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