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Located in Monterrey, México, RAO Architecture has been providing the highest level of quality custom residential architecture since 2008. The primary focus of our firm is to offer superior architectural services and design excellence to the client while providing full support to the contractor throughout the entire construction process.

RAO is able to provide these services on both a local and national scale with an experienced and qualified staff of architects and designers that support the two principal partners of our firm.

We make it our mission to practice both responsiveness and responsibility to our clients, to possess a keen interest in design excellence and technical competency and to maintain a high level of cooperation, collaboration and sheer enjoyment in the architectural process.

However, the hallmark of RAO's work is integrity. Professional integrity means knowing the difference between impractical dreaming and creative solution seeking. It also includes knowing what the balance is between borrowing from tradition and inventing new solutions to any challenges. And finally, it is simply our team being available, skilled and committed.

In order to maintain the high level of satisfaction that we enjoy with our clients, our design process begins and ends with the focus clearly on them and their expectations.

This is accomplished first, by listening and learning all we can about their needs, dreams and preferences at the beginning of the project. Next, by being attentive to their programmatic, aesthetic, budgetary and technical constraints and requirements throughout the project. And finally, by keeping open and honest communication to the completion of the project, making sure the priority is always client satisfaction.

Our Principles:

  • Build and sustain relationships built on confidence, trust, and the highest level of service.
  • Create and foster a team approach to projects.
  • Leverage design, information, and technology for added client value.
  • Continue a process of learning, growing, and professional development.
  • Maintain sound business practices.

RAO actively seeks an environmentally sustainable approach that is as extensive as project goals will allow. We seek out opportunities for proper site orientation, natural daylighting, indoor air quality, recycled content, and storm water management.


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RAO Architecture offers a full scope of architectural and design services targeted to projects in which the client has an interest in a high level of quality and an appreciation of the architectural process.

The largest percentage of our work in which we have been able to realize our target has been new single family residences, additions and remodeling to single family residences, country clubs, and professional offices. We have also had success in designing furniture.

We tend to concentrate on design oriented architecture and have built our reputation on the sensitive and contextual remodeling and additions to some of the finest buildings in the Monterrey area working with some of the best contractors in the city.

Designs for new homes are traditionally detailed yet thoroughly contemporary. Commercial projects tend to be buildings or projects in which a similar design process and thorough detailing are required.


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Buildings today can be designed to use less energy, consume less water, and interact with their natural environment. They can help recycle, are recyclable, incorporate renewable energies, and support a healthier indoor environment. All the while lessening their impact on the environment over the life of the building.

This design movement is known by many names, such as green design, sustainable design, or high performance design. Along with the environmental benefits, there are long-term financial benefits such as lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs. Sustainable design is about building fiscally responsible buildings while limiting resource use.

Creating buildings and grounds with these characteristics is not difficult. However, it does require an integrated, whole building approach to the design process. The building systems and the strengths of the building team must be considered holistically from the beginning of the design process. If the systems are integrated and the design team works together, the cost for a high performance building can match the cost of an average building.

Our Clients also want their buildings to be beautiful. It is possible to design a beautiful building while respecting the environmental impact of the building. Through our experience in this field, we are able to offer sound architectural design, site design, equipment specifications, and material strategies into a unified whole that is responsive to our Clients' needs.

RWA actively seeks an environmentally sustainable approach that is as extensive as project goals will allow. We have several residential and commercial clients who make it a priority to lessen their environmental impacts and we have the skills to help them accomplish their goals. We work with our clients in small steps or major building projects. RWA is familiar with green building rating systems, available tax abatements, setting environmental priorities, and life cycle analysis. In Cincinnati, RWA is known as a leader in Sustainability. We have invested time and resources in learning, developing, and supporting green/sustainable design in our practice since 1997. RWA is active in the local sustainable design community, including AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) and U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Several of our staff are LEED Accredited Professionals. RWA is a firm member of the United States Green Building Council.

Ask us about what RWA can do for you and the Environment!

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