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Coach Howard McElroy

Results oriented leader with over 21 years’ experience in coaching basketball. Known for developing highly successful high school student athletes.


Do you have a purpose when you train? Do you write down your goals? Do you finish the workout regardless of the time?

Similarly, all other factors being equal, players who shoot at a higher percentage usually get most of the playing time!

It's simple; coaches want great shooters on the court. Of course they want good defensive players, passers, and rebounders on the floor too.

But great shooters are hard to come by and coaches are always on the look out for them. Great shooting can make you a super valuable player that the coaches want on the floor as much as possible.


Shooting Instruction

Shooters will be put through a 5 phase shooting program starting with the basic fundamentals and advancing in skill each week. We will strengthen and improve your shooting touch and give you the confidence to make every shot. We will cover the following:

  • ·         Proper Shooting Form and Footwork
  • ·         X-plosion Shooting
  • ·         Spot Up Shooting
  • ·         Catch and Shoot
  • ·         Shooting Off the Dribble
  • ·         Jab Step and Go


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3 sessions of 45 minutes for $ 90

 is a multi-week program developed by Coach Howard to train and promote shooting accuracy in a competitive shooting environment.


We focus on dead ball moves, jump stops, pivoting, rocker step series.  Driving the ball to the basket and finishing.  Fake shot and drive.

3 sessions of 45 minutes for $ 90


3 sessions of 45 minutes for $ 90 

Development of each athlete's ball-handling skills through the use of 1-ball and 2-ball dribbling stations.  We believe that most players do not take the time that they should to improve on their dribbling skills.

*** In a small group of 3-4 students $ 25 per student per session***



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We have three sons who all played basketball for Howard. Howard's passion for the game and his basketball knowledge taught our boys how to work hard and play smart. Howard's insistence on sound fundamentals raised their level of play and gave them confidence not only in their basketball skills but in their leadership on the court. All three of our boys dramatically improved in their shooting, rebounding and aggressive play. While some coaches unwittingly train players to play afraid of making mistakes, Howard pushed his players to take risks and to not back down.  He was quick to reprimand a player for passing up a shot or for not driving to the basket and even quicker to encourage shots well taken even if they didn't go in. That said Howard's greatest gift to our boys was the deep level of confidence that he instilled in them. Howard is able to find the individual strengths and abilities that your child brings to a team, develop and improve them and then motivate your child to play to at their highest level. By improving their skills and giving our boys the confidence in themselves as players and young men Howard more than prepared them for the highly competitive rigors of High School basketball.


Staci & John Franklin



I want to thank Howard  for putting on a great program.  My kids have attended many different camps in the past, but none have done as much for their development.  The drills and skill work in this program are second to none. The staff's passion for the game transfers into the kid's development.  My son's will be attending this program for the second year and are really looking forward to it.  They enjoy the hard work and I as a parent have seen great improvement in their confidence, skills and overall basketball IQ.


Mike Heinrich

Coach Howard was my son’s coach in eighth grade. Up until then, Zak was the sort of player that coaches did not know what to do with. He was not one of the taller players, but he was fast and agile. Coach Howard saw Zak’s potential right away. He knew what Zak needed to improve his game. As he worked with Zak, Zak’s confidence on the court grew. When he played for other coaches, he had little play time. With Coach Howard, Zak was often a starter from mid-season on. Coach Howard was tough and had high expectations, but he was always respectful to the players. He expected them to show the same sort of respect to each other. This built a strong sense of cooperation among the players.  They finished the season with 43 wins and 7 losses. It was a great season in all respects.


Terry Wormley


Thank-you for your and your assistants’ efforts and expertise to help Andrew continue to develop his basketball skills.  He really enjoys and gets a lot out of your sessions. 


Best regards,


Mike Groh






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