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Based in Kirkland, Washington, Pacific Finance Group, LLC, is a mortgage brokerage that engages with homeowners throughout the state. Maintaining extensive industry knowledge and close connections with leading nationwide lenders, the firm tailors its offerings to meet specific purchasing profiles and expectations. Pacific Finance Group, LLC, typically helps set up two types of refinancing packages, with rate and term refinances giving the same low interest rates as those associated with home acquisitions, and cash out refinances set at a higher interest rate.

The company’s team prides itself on working with diverse types of borrowers, including those with substantial assets and excellent credit histories, and those with credit that is less than optimal. Clients include small business owners, self-employed entrepreneurs, retired individuals, and salaried corporate employees. The firm’s extended network of service providers encompasses insurance and appraisal services, escrow, and realty professionals. Pacific Finance Group also collaborates with real estate investment property planners in offering turnkey solutions. The firm offers new clients extensive educational materials, including an informational package that lays out its specific practices.      

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