Real Alternatives Offers Abortion Alternatives to Women in Three State

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A government-funded program headquartered in Pennsylvania, Real Alternatives helps women find alternatives to abortion and receive assistance with parenting and child care. It launched in 1996 through a state-funded initiative to reduce abortion rates and has been led by president and CEO Kevin Bagatta. Under his guidance, Real Alternatives has grown from 72 centers to serving over 275,000 women through 135 locations.

Services offered by the organization range from assistance with pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases to resources for childcare and improving parental skills. Abortion alternative services include equipping women with the skills and support needed to raise the child themselves or connect them to adoption centers and resources. Additionally, Real Alternatives provides information and resources to pregnant women feeling pressured to abort their child by family members, doctors, or the baby’s father.

Real Alternatives also serves women in Indiana and Michigan through the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program. The programs operate through a network of pregnancy support centers, social services agencies, maternity residences, and adoption organizations.

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