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Viable Tech Summit 2013 will bring together 100 of the most promising European Startups to demonstrate their groundbreaking technologies and establish strategic business relationships.

The aim is to empower entrepreneurs behind Europe's most promising tech Startup ventures, to help early-stage entrepreneurs by providing a credible launch platform , secure funding and resources, and gain international brand exposure.

On April 20, 2013, 500 attendees from a number of industries will come together to inspire each other and support tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology.

Brought to you by The Founders’ Hive, a London based Peer-to-Peer Startup Incubator, Viable Tech Summit gathers tech visionaries and industry thought leaders together in one room to share knowledge and discuss trends.

Startup teams attending the event will be given a stage to promote themselves while connecting with technology entrepreneurs, investors, tech specialists, industry leaders, early adopters, and members of the press.


Viable Tech Summit 2013 is dedicated to ensuring that deserving entrepreneurs are given the chance to expose their innovative technologies with investors and early adopters.

Talented founders are given an opportunity to step into the spotlight in front of key decision makers in the European tech Startup scene.

The Founders’ Hive

Viable Tech Summit 2013 is organised by The Founders’ Hive, a Peer-to-Peer Startup Incubator and idea validation platform based in London.

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Date & Tickets

Viable Tech Summit 2013 will be held in London on April 20, 2013.
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Why a Demo Summit for Early Stage Tech Startups?


We believe that there are more talented entrepreneurs than ever, however many need additional help to grow and scale beyond their current operations.  This summit is a chance to witness and support the future giants of technology,the European early stage funding is still fragmented so we want to connect entrepreneurs with smart money.

The best of the industry will be gathered in one room to network, discuss trends, and build meaningful connections.  

The aim of Viable Tech Summit 2013 is to showcase these entrepreneurs and to help connect founders with the angel investors and venture capitalists who can provide the support needed.  Together they can ensure the continued growth and improvement of the European tech startup landscape for years to come.


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Join Us

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Attend VTS2013

Would you like to be represented at Viable Tech Summit 2013? We are looking for fantastic startups from across Europe to join the event and share their knowledge and products.  We are inviting viable startups teams who have raised between £5,000 to £1,000,000 from family and friends or angel investors.

Sectors include:

  • E-commerce
  • Apps
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Marketplaces
  • Content
  • Learning
  • Gaming
  • Communication
  • Mobility

If you would like to be represented at Viable Tech Summit 2013, send an email to with a brief description of your company and we will send you a registration packet.


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Viable Tech Summit 2013 supports an ever-growing global network of entrepreneurs eager for a chance to share their ideas or contribute their skills to a new venture. As such, we welcome the opportunity to work closely with corporate partners that share our values in order to develop mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships. We want to work collaboratively with corporate partners that share a genuine interest in enabling and promoting entrepreneurial ventures at the local and international levels.

We have two partnership packages available for those interested in participating in this incredible event.  Through partnership with Viable Tech Summit 2013, our partners will receive brand awareness, business development support, a product launch platform, media profiling opportunities, thought leadership insights, and business community engagement.

Benefits of partnership:

  • Networking
  • Brand Exposure
  • Community Engagement

If you are interested in receiving details on how to support our efforts, please email us at


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If you are a journalist or blogger and would like to attend this event, email to learn how to register.

VTS2013 logos are avilable for download here:

Email if you have any trouble downloading the content or would like any additional information.

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