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Watch Ride Along Movie Online{2014 Movie} in MEGASHARE

Watch Ride Along Movie Online : The teaming of motor-mouth banana Kevin Hart and afflictive rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube in Ride Along isnt acceptable to accomplish us overlook about Tango and Cash, Starsky and Hutch or even Turner and Hooch on the blotter of arresting cop-buddy activity comedies.


Watch Ride Along Movie Online Free : This uninspired, by-the-book accomplishment from artisan administrator Tim Adventure and a quartet of writers follows a accepted arrangement of pitting two altered cops calm to bicker, badinage and eventually band as they ataxia their way through a all-encompassing abomination caper.

Ice Cube plays James, a apostate Atlanta artery cop, and Hart is Ben, a active capital aegis bouncer and ardent video gamer who longs for a attempt at acceptable a absolute policeman. He aswell wants to ally James adolescent sister Angela (Tika Sumpter, a ambivalent damsel) and asks for big bros OK.

Dour James is aloof with this articulate runt (who he says is about a chromosome abroad from getting a midget) and concedes to let Ben to ride forth on a daylong about-face  a la Training Day  to advise him a acrid lesson.

The blow of the adventure involves a anarchic constitutional as Ice Cube glowers and grimaces and Hart mugs and natters endlessly while the two accompany a atramentous abomination arbiter accepted alone as Omar (Laurence Fishburne, abundantly wasted). A adventurous of abominably choreographed gun fights and car chases accent the storyline and advice affectation the capital debility of the narrative.

Story, who ahead directed Ice Cube in Barbershop and Hart in Think Like a Man, doesnt do abundant to claiming either amateur or aggrandize his repertoire. Ice Cube, whos congenital his acting career on a abrupt Teddy Bear presence, artlessly grumps his way through the role. And the hot-at-the-moment Hart appears to be channeling Chris Tucker in his a lot of agitated Rush Hour mode.

For the yammering, pint-sized Hart, Ride Along seems alone addition accepted lap in his fast-rising cine career. For Ice Cube, it marks a added ambiguous juncture. How acrid that the adolescent agitator rapper of N.W.A. who already so angrily vilified badge atrocity has morphed into an amateur who blithely inhabits the role of a accidentally barbarous artery cop.

Hart stars as Ben, a aegis bouncer agog to get accustomed at the Atlanta badge academy. He wants to ally his adherent Angela (Tika Sumpter), and getting a cop offers both job aegis and the adventitious to affect Angela's brother James (Ice Cube), a boxy Atlanta detective.

James has no time for the pint-sized Ben. He thinks his sister can do abundant better. He insists Ben prove his animation by abutting him for a ride-along — a day of badge plan on the beggarly streets of Atlanta. Ben is captivated to play cop-for-a-day.

James, however, is bent to prove that Ben is too big a acquiesce to yield able affliction of Angela. He sets Ben up to fail, but next affair you know, the bumbling Ben is in fact allowance break a big case, application aggregate he's abstruse from his first-person activity video games.

Ice Cube glowers throughout Ride Along while Kevin Hart bumbles and dithers, but neither amateur has about abundant to do. It's meant to be funny that Hart is endlessly airy and communicative as he fumbles one simple cop book afterwards another; it's meant to be funny that Cube is angry and cruel every time. There are some acceptable activity here, no question, but too abounding scenes annoyance on into improv-gone-wrong territory, as if both Hart and Cube were just winging it.

Likewise ashen actuality are John Leguizamo, Bryan Callen and Bruce McGill, and even a adornment from SNL vet Jay Pharaoh doesn't advice much. In the apple of cops 'n' robbers action, there's absolutely annihilation actuality you haven't apparent afore in the way of shoot-outs and car chases, and the banana material, defective as it is in the 'material' allotment of the equation, can't compensate.

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