16/17 season was one of our most successeful ever, as our board team took home Gold in the national Kings Ski Race Finals! Our Ski team continued to compete at a high level, improving upon each competition.


If you can't find a reason you would want to race for snowsports, make BUDS your reason! This is literally the best weekend in snowsports short of the ski trips! A bunch of around 30 of us will head up to the dizzying peaks of Edinburgh for the biggest University snowsports competition in the UK! You can have a chance to represent Cardiff in a national competition of if you don't fancy the racing just come along for the ride as there are always plenty of spectators on the trip! Plus, how can our racers do their job without an army of pissed up Cardiff miscreants chanting for them from the sidelines! Seriously! Do not miss this one!

(Also make sure you don't leave work to the last minute so you can't come! Only knobs do that!)


Kings is kind of like a babu BUDS! Hosted at slopes around Wales and the West of Engand, this is again a great chance for you to represent your uni for the sport! It is also another chance to spectate and have a crazy day on the slopes with some snowbums! 


Racing is a huge part of Snowsports. We train every Monday, meeting at the union outside Magic Wrap for 6.15pm, sign ups can be competitive though! We have several ski and board teams to cater for all abilities, so whether its your first time on a dry slope or you've been racing for years, we will have a place for you! And once your done breaking records at the slopes, come and meet us in the Woody for a pint or two! 




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Now what kind of Snowsports society would we be if we didn't ship you lot off to the mountains for the best week of your uni year? So! Thats exactly what we do! Not once, but twice! Yes thats right! We run two trips a year, one at Christmas and one at Easter.


The Christmas trip boasts the biggest numbers, usually taking around 500 or your fine selves to a premium mountain destination so that you can all slip, slide and vibe your way through undoubtably the best week you will have at Uni! We drive you out in an army of coaches and take over a resort for the week with exclusive Cardiff nightlife and events and daytime challanges! If you and your mates are looking for a good way to kick of your Christmas break and you're also fans of the white stuff, look no further! 


The Easter trip is usually a smaller number of people and gives you the chance to have a more intimate trip and is a great opportunity for you to get to know more people in the club! So don't hesitate to smash out your shades and hit the slopes with us in the glorious Easter sunshine!  


XMAS TRIP 2018: 14th-22nd December

EASTER TRIP 2019: 12-20th April



Esa7scortge4ruuhahjd freestyle

Much like a hedgehog crossing a road or an equally adorable cartoon animal playing with fireworks. The discipline of freestyle likes to err on the side of danger, and to look damn good whilst doing so. At Cardiff Snowsports we are making freestyle grow and grow by giving everyone the opportunity to either discover freestyle for the first time or develop upon skills previously learned in a chilled, friendly environment.

This year we are happy to announce that Freestyle at Cardiff Fairwater dryslope is absolutely FREE!! No, we are seriously not even shitting you! FREE!! Take that money!!


Every thursday our band of park rats make their way to Infinity Trampoline Park in Cardiff to get bouncy bouncy and have oh such a good time! This is a great opportunity for you to practice your spins, grabs and anything in between! Strap on a trampoline board to get a better feeling for your grabs or just go gung ho and see how many times you can see the ceiling before you land! It's a big kids playground with the added benefit of improving your riding! You may even get to play dodgeball!!... Like you should definitely play dodgeball!!


Beginning with a developent session so that you can blow the dust off your boots, kick off those stabilisers and start being that flippy tricky boss of the mountain you've always wanted to be! With Alex at the slope and loads of other like minded steeze-mongers there are plenty of opportunities to ask for tips and pointers, just to help you get to where you want to be! 

Following the development session, the good, the bad and the ugly of features make their way out onto the slope for your pleasure. This is your chance to fine tune all of the tricks that you've been trying to pull or even just thinking about. Whether it's just nailing your first 50/50 box slide or pulling more spins than you can count, you're sure to have a sick time!


As much as we can we try to take the show and put it on the road!

We run trips to the Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre where you can hit rails, boxes and kickers, all with the confidence of knowing you'll be landing on snow! 

If snow isn't soft enough for you, you can hold out for a trip to Glouchester to hit their feisty kicker and airbag! You can pull some serious moves off this jump! It does not mess around! But don't fret because you'll be landing on a convenienly placed and wonderfully large cusion of air that can give even the biggest of bails the feeling of tucking yourself up in bed!









About Us

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Welcome to the biggest and best club in Cardiff Uni! 

We are Cardiff Snowsports! A bunch of snow addicts who are determined to give you guys the best experience you can have at uni! 

We run regular trips to the local Cardiff Fairwater Dry Slope so that you can practise and perfect any and all aspects of your riding! With Racing to Freestyle you can try something new and bring yourself to the next level, or if you have never tried it before, you can come to our Beginners training and join the ever growing ranks of mountain lovers! 

With our two ski trips a year we will be shipping you off to the Alps where you can hit the slopes hard and hit the apres even harder! 

On top of all of this we regularly run some of the biggest socials in the uni and also have regular beers at the Woody every Monday night!



The committee is the rag-tag bunch of alpine addicts tasked with running and developing Cardiff University's biggest club. They will always be there to aid and encourage involvement at all levels, though if it's just a pint you fancy then they'll almost always be game for that too. Feel free to contact and pester them on Facebook, email or any other means that spring to mind, and they will do their best to help you out.


President - Alex Safar Boarder

The myth, the legend. Now his 3rd year on committee Saf, our all knowing Presidente, is your oracle for all things Cardiff Snow. He can be found folding his body into potentially dangerous positions on just about anything he can balance himself on. Not even a few unstable vertebrae can keep this man off the mountain. Stop him for a chat, you're sure to learn a thing or two.


VP - Will Bruce - Skier

Taking the position of Saf's back up dancer for the next year, your previous Freestyle Captain, Will 'half a backflip' Bruce. Bruce has all the keys to make your time with snowsports a fun and comfortable ride. He might not make it out of bed before you've had your evening meal but he'll be sure to bring the party and a bottle of rum or two when he does. Ask someone about him, they'll have a story or two


Treasurer Indi Roberts - Swings both ways

Looking after all things cash money this year we have the fabulous Indi Roberts. She's your best friend, she's your best friend's best friend and we're hoping she doesn't spend the whole budget on VKs. Joking aside this part time maths student, full time snowhoe knows her way around numbers and is sure to negotiate the club through the chaos this year.


Trip Organiser - Ella Hargreaves - Skier

She might seem like your average girl next door but this little sesh queen can do everything you can do, better and with a hip flask of vodka in her belly. She’s been on more ski trips than you have toes. We can't wait to see what she has in-store for us. It's gonna be big.


Race Captain - Piers Bellman - Skier




Looking after all things race this year, You might not know where he is, but you know who he is, Piers Bellman. This boy is no stranger to being sideways on a pair of skis. He races faster than he gets drunk (and he gets drunk very fast). When he's not throwing himself down a mountain you'll find this boy drinking stubbies in Cathays or probably in a jail cell. He may not be able to talk himself out of an arrest, but he sure knows his way around a bit of dendix and the piste.


Freestyle Captain - Tom Feakins - Skier

My oh my Tom Feakins, we've got a lot of time and, mu-shroom for this outrageous bloke. Throwing himself at anything that'll give him a rush this is one to keep an eye on for all things freestyle. We're not sure exactly what goes on (if anything) between those ear holes of our Tom but what we do know is youre in for a treat.



Beginners Captain - Abby Brady - Skier

Leading all our new snow babies, Abby Brady whose body you'll find covered in fake tan and glitter alike. When she's not learning to save lives, you'll see her stood on anything she can climb up onto after a wine or 10. Filled with all the knowledge of being a beginner with Cardiff Snow, you're sure to become part of the family in no time with her about.


Social Sec - Will Orme - Boarder 

Now we come to Social Will. Who's well known knickname speaks for itself. Most often found wearing his pints or the shame from last nights tinder date girl, he can down a VK quicker than you and with enough peer pressure will do just about anything (give it a go), look forward to seeing every bit of will on and off the slopes.


Media & Design - Arthur Hannart - Boarder

With more camera equipment than the BBC, this petit pois is sure to capture your best (and worst) moments on and off the slope. With more charm than the boy your girlfriend told you not to worry about, this guy is going to have us dressed to the 9s and picture perfect. Thanks to Theresa May's awful brexit attempt looks like he's here for the long hall. He's also promised us a trip edit, get to know.


Vzjec0hftcmhhyhbhusf socials


Every Monday we have a gathering of any snow loving individual who wants to come along at the Woodville pub! This is a great chance for you all to meet other like minded mountain heads to basically just get drunk and have a laugh! It is very chilled so don't worry if you haven't been before, everyone is welcome! With regular games of 'Sinky Cup' and a smattering of pretty poor drunken pool you are bound to have a good time! Plus is £2 pints! Yeh that's right! You heard me! 


If there is one thing we know how to do other than hurtling down mountains, it's house parties! We love them! Big ones, small ones, strangers ones! We love them all! We will host house parties throughout the year, almost always after big race events and sometimes just for the sake of it! If you like getting boozy with snowsports people (or even just like getting boozy), come along! We will always have a sound system big enough to piss of the Bristol council, a beer pong table at the ready and some of the best DJ's around! So seriously! You don't want to miss them! 


We have a whole bunch of events to celebrate throughout the year that we love to just throw up a random piss up for! We kick off the year with the infamous Pub Ski, making our way, slaloming through the pubs of Cathays! This is always a messy occasion and is the best way for freshers to get to know people in the club! Sometimes too much! We also run events for the Christmas Trip Launch Party, just so you can feel a little tender whilst booking on, and then again we run a big Christmas dinner so you can get to know your trip room mates before we all leave! What's there not to like?


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We run weekly lessons at the nearby Fairwater dry slope for begginer and intermediate level snowsporters. Boots, skis & boards are included as well as transport to and from the slope. Lessons are available to anyone and everyone and are always very popular so make sure you get in touch to get yourself a place asap. Maybe you've never skied or boarded before and you want to give it a go, or maybe you want refresh your ski legs before coming on our MASSIVE Christmas trip. Perhaps you're already a good skier or boarder and fancy a taste of the 'other' side or vice versa - all are welcome! After every training session we'll head to the pub for your weekly dose of aprés ski!


We also run two Give it a Go sessions every year which are a chance for you to try skiing or snowboarding even if you've never done it for the rediculously cheap price of £4! You even get a burger and a beer thrown in as well! Its criminal! So come on down for a great day! Play some beer pong, have a boogie to the DJ and get yourself hooked! 








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