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A Call for Papers


Prize money will be awarded to outstanding essays!

Due Febuary 15th, 2019.

Submit any philosophically rigorous paper on a topic likely to be of interest to a Christian philosopher. Those selected will be presented by the author at the spring conference. Submitted papers must include:
  • a title and clear thesis
  • a 100 word abstract
  • approximatly 2,000 word count 
  • orderly citation system
Authors may expect to be contacted with a decision by March 16th, 2018. Additionally, those who completed the Google Form will be issued a conference name tag and guaranteed a seat at the Saturday luncheon. 
If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Alford at joshua.alford@covenant.edu.

Gordon Clark

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Dr. Clark came to Covenant College in 1974 after retiring from Butler University in 1973.  Already 72 years old when he came to Covenant, he taught for another 10 years, going to glory shortly after he stopped teaching in 1984.  Before coming to Covenant, Dr. Clark taught at the University of Pennsylvania and Reformed Episcopal Seminary (1930-1936), Wheaton College (1936-1943), and Butler University (1943-1973). 

Along with teaching, Dr. Clark was a very active churchman, helping to found the OPC in 1938 and serving in a number of reformed denominations in the years between 1944 and his death.  All of these denominations were Presbyterian in their polity and self-consciously indebted to Calvin and the Westminster standards.  At all times and in every context Dr. Clark was a zealous defender of the final authority and epistemological primacy of God’s Word.  His knowledge of the history of philosophy was encyclopedic, and he reveled in exposing the inconsistencies and inadequacies of all systems that denied the authority of Scripture. 

He authored more than thirty books on philosophy and theology, and published eight commentaries on New Testament epistles.  As an opponent at philosophy or chess, he was formidable.  As a husband and father, he was a model of faithfulness.  Covenant College has six alums with Philosophy PhDs who are currently working as philosophy professors.  All of them were taught by Dr. Clark or by one of Dr. Clark’s students.

For more information and to sample his academic writings, visit http://gordonhclark.reformed.info

Event Information

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The Gordon Clark Symposium is an opportunity for undergraduate philosophy majors to participate in an academic conference. The conference will include a keynote address from Doug J. Douma, a panel discussion, and student paper presentations. Music will be provided by Dr. Clark's grandson, Nathan George. 

The Gordon Clark Symposium will be held at Covenant College on April 6-7, 2018. Due to a generous gift from a donor, we are able to offer the conference at no cost to those in attendance. Additionally, the program is open to the public at no cost. Please fill out this form to guarantee a your seat at the Saturday luncheon.

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