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"Every Genealogy Record You Need is Online." I Beg to Differ!

An Update on Submitting the BCG Portfolio

A Free Research Assistant - Google KEEP - organizational tip

Collarboration:  Benefits to the Sole Practitioners - Guest Blogger for GenBiz Solutions

Top Five Conference Lessons Learned

Heirlooms and Hand Me Downs-Who Cares?! A FABULOUS FIND of 13 May 2016

News for the National Genealogical Society Conference

Life is Short, Do it Now!

Why Do We Do Genealogy?

The Journey from Hobbyist to Professional

Three Thoughts About Recent Genealogists' Comments

The Importance of Recording Your History A FABULOUS FIND of 22 April 2016

My Cousin Will - 400 Years Later Questions Remain  - William Shakespeare

A Genealogist's Work Space - How Surroundings Effect Efficiency

The Passionate Genealogist - Using Creativity to Climb Your Brick Walls

Genealogical Software and Identifying Family Relationships

Learning Patience As I Complete My KDP - The Kinship Determination Project for Certification

When Seeking Out Records - Suggestions for Reaching Colleagues Who Care

Donations - Info to know before you donate your treasures

Goodbye, Picassa - Google's Picassa is going away, here's an alternative

Google Library for the Genealogist - Tips for using Google Books

Who Knew?  Two Genealogy Tips I Just Learned - on Fold3 & Family Tree Maker

Empty Envelopes Provide a Wealth of Genealogical Information A FABULOUS FIND 22 March 2016

Wagon Insights - 10 facts about wagons learned from a 19th century diary

Midwest Magic - Ohio State Genealogical Society Florida Chapter Meeting

Angel Pie - A recipe discovered with family records

Family Reunion Episode on Finding Your Roots - A Must See!

Unique Picture Find to Try - Churches hold more than just records 30% Discount - AARP Members

Dumping Your Tree - A Radical Way to Correct Mistakes

A Haunting Visit in New Orleans

Evernote - Ever So Helpful

Help!  Need Ideas to Obtain Baptismal Records

Careers of Yesteryear..And Today!

The Kinship Determination Project and Its Emotional Impact

ACES and Genealogy - Adverse Childhood Experiences in the past

A New FAN Idea - Building your tree with Friends & Neighbors

Becoming a Certified Genealogist - An Update A FABULOUS FIND of 15 January 2016

Faulty Family Trees - Erasing a Deadly Mistake  - Perils of wrong info in online trees

Genealogical Resolutions - Planning the Year

Finding Old Time Medical Records Can Be a Challenge - obtaining Florida hospital records for a client

Another Find Where It Shouldn't Have Been!  -  Louise Carlson Johnson

A Transcription Treat - Lamphere, Duer and Kuhn Families & Becoming Certified

12+ More Genealogical Gems to Use - Paid Sites

12+ Genealogy Gems for a Whole Year of Fun! - Free Sites

Playing With Names - Wildcard Searching and Other Methods to Discover Your Family - Helpful Hint

Genealogy at Heart - A New Website

Lost In The Mail May Be A Genealogical Gem Someday - Becoming Certified

Why Persistence Pays in Hunting Records - Louise Carlson Johnson 

Genealogy and Your Genes - Experiencing Trauma Can Last Longer Than a Lifetime!

Pilgrim's Pride Via a Letter - The Williams' Family

Native American Ancestry Uncovered - Sebastian, Regina and Barbara Leininger

Visiting the New England Historic and Genealogical Society

Being Thankful for Genealogical Goodness - Celebrate, There's Mostly Good in the World

The Genealogical Clock Timer Has Been Set... - Becoming a Certified Genealogist A FABULOUS FIND of 22 November 2015

Beware of Genealogical Bullies and Record Thieves! 

A Serendipitous Burial Location - Helen Russell

Butterflies and Flowers - A Mother's Message of Love From Beyond - Dorothy Koss Leininger

Ashes on the Doorstep - Weird Connections Via the Internet

A Phenomenal Photo Find - A Picnic in a Chicago Cemetery - The Williams-Thompson Families

Creepy Creepy October - Links to Serendipity in Genealogy

Your Tree Posthumously - Preserving Your Hard Work

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree - The Real Life of Johnny Appleseed - John Chapman

A New Genealogy Society  - What Fun

Obtaining Certification - An Update

Genealogy and Addiction - Acceptance of family issues and how to move forward

For the Love of School

Elsie's Music Exam

Elsie's History

Elsie's Exams - A 1910 Geography Final

1910 Indiana Science Test

Elsie's Exams Continued - 1910 Grammar Exam

More of Elsie's Exams - An Indiana 1910 End of Course Math Assessment

Elsie's Exams - An Indiana 8th Grade Reading Assessment from 105 Years Ago

Correcting Records is a Feat! - Trying to fix an inaccuragte record

More Inaccessible Genealogical Records - More Reasons you can't find a record

A Family's Change of Mind - Difficulty in Accepting Ancestor's Choices

The Nonexistant Genealogical Record - Reasons for why you can't find a record

Education Across State Lines - Leininger Family

Student Discipline 

Teacher's Rule

One Room Schoolhouse - West Virginia

Family Pets - Harbaugh, Samuelson, Koss, Leininger

Genealogy Truths - Father Junipero Serra and San Francisco

An Update on Becoming a Certified Genealogist

Picnics - Kos Family

The Bank Heist - Kos Family

The KKK Strikes - Reasons Behind the Cross Burning in Gary, Indiana - Kos Family

The Truth About Ellis Island - Kos Family

Our Lady of the Snows - A Maybe Miracle - Kos Family

A Title Conferred - The Legend of the PL - Kos Family

Curse of the Dance - Kos Family

Verifying Family Legends - Where Did We Come From? - Kos Family A FABULOUS FIND of 3 July 2015

Faulty Memories - from childhood

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Barges, Oh My! - Leininger Family Immigration

Dad's Day - Ivan John Koss

Moving Day - Immigration of Anders Jonasson and Kos Families

Flag Day - The Most Undercelebrated US Holiday - Koss Family Needed Changes

Ancestry Site Changes - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Poof Be Gone - How Quickly Records Can Disappear - Tips for Preserving Records

Circular Migration Patterns - How History Repeats Itself - Duer Family

Memorial Day Memories - Military Lines of Kos and Leiningers 

Genealogy Gems - More Online Resources You Need to Know About

Genealogy Gems - Online Resources You Need to Know About

Marker Mistakes - Historical Plaque Inaccuracies - Jose Marti

Motherhood and the Brain - Adrienne Cuevellier de la Vigne

Certified Genealogist or Accredited Genealogist?

Becoming a Pro Genealogist

The Scoop on Salt Lake City's Family History Library - Views of a First Time Researcher

Euripides was Right!  Why You Should Leave No Stone Unturned - Wilson Williams Cont.

Wilson WIlliam's Wall

Springing Into Genealogy!

















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