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Transparent Pricing at Getaway Car Rental in Mexico

If you’ve ever tried to plan a trip to Mexico that included a car rental, you’ve most likely read other people’s horror stories on sites like TripAdvisor or even had a terrible experience yourself. People are understandably angry when they book a car rental for a certain price, only to be told they have to buy mandatory insurance which doubles or triples the agreed upon price once they arrive at the car rental counter. This is a trick that, unfortunately, many car rental companies in Mexico use to trap people into renting from them, even when their prices aren’t that great when all is said and done. Fortunately, a relatively young, local car rental agency called Getaway Car Rental decided to change that.

Getaway  Mexican car rental pricing

Aside from very courteous and professional customer service, Getaway Car Rental’s top virtue is their transparent pricing and how clearly everything is explained on their website. Right on the front page, you see a checklist of everything that is included in the rental rate, and the price you are quoted is your final price, with no surprise taxes, fees or insurance charges at the counter. All of their rates advertised on include the mandatory Mexican liability insurance, Mexican sales tax and any applicable fees. Most other rental car companies hide these charges until the last minute to make you think you’re getting a good price, when all they really have to offer is a mediocre price with shady business practices.

Customer service from Getaway Car Rental

You know that you’re doing something right as a rental car agency in Mexico when you don’t have any negative reviews posted on travel review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. A lack of negative reviews is much more telling than an abundance of positive ones, since most tourists from the US and Canada are much more eager to write an online review after a terrible experience than a positive one. Getaway’s customer-centered business model seems to be working very well in this regard, and when you take a look at some of the customer service benefits they offer, it’s not hard to see why: free pick up and drop off service, unlimited mileage, 24/7 availability, and courteous professional staff.

So if you are feeling nervous or starting to have second thoughts about renting a car in Mexico because of what you’ve read online, don’t: there is at least one company that cares more about giving you a great rental car experience than about squeezing an extra hundred pesos out of you.

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