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About Gut Genug

Gut Genug (pronounced goot-geenoog) is German for "Good Enough". Gut Genug is a DIY intimate recording space that offers affordable, accessible, good quality recordings. While studio time can be expensive and intimidating, Gut Genug is designed to be a space where artists of any performance level can feel comfortable recording their projects at a rate that is modest for a low budget musician. We have worked hard to create an environment that is sound treated to the best of our abilities, aimed to provide a high quality sound that captures the essence of the musician.

About Me

My name is Shane Natalie and I have been recording since 2008. I have worked hard to educate myself through hands on experience with many different artists, constantly learning new techniques to maximize a quality sound given the equipment I own. I look forward to recording all types of music, though have generally only recorded punk and rock.

What to expect when in the studio:

Recording is always a learning process. Always be patient with the creative process and it will reward you greatly!


-Think big about your project. Meaning, think about the end result and what you want to achieve

-Have an idea of a track order ahead of time

-Avoid writing new parts/lyrics the day of, however, experimenting is strongly encouraged

-Don’t be shy or nervous! Being put on the spot can be intimidating (especially vocals) but have confidence and really focus on how it's going to sound once everything is mixed.


Setup Fee- $20

Free first hour

Additional hours- $10 per hour

Do’s and Don’ts

-DO be respectful to us, fellow bandmates and the space (both inside and out)

-DO refrain from using offensive language. We’re all adults here…

-DO bring as much equipment as you want to use

-DON’T expect a super refined, overly produced sounding product. While there is expensive, high quality equipment at your disposal, it is a DIY space that is not built the same as a professional high-end studio. The more time we put into the process, the better it will be. Quality takes time.

A Typical Recording Session

-Load equipment

-Set up microphones

-Discussion of band/achieved sound

-Sound check


-Tear down

-Load out

MIXING IS TYPICALLY NOT DONE THE DAY OF RECORDING. Mixing is a tedious, time consuming, often overlooked aspect to recording. Mixing is done separate from tracking days to avoid ear fatigue.


Do you master?

-No unfortunately not. I have a program that masters that I could use but mastering is a whole other world beyond me.

Do you record live?

-I can, yes. However, if at all possible it is preferred to record each track separately.

Do you have drum triggers?

-No, sorry. It’s your responsibility to make sure the drums sound the way you want them to naturally.

Can I use your stuff?

-You may use the equipment listed in the “Equipment” section. The rest is up to you.

What are your hours?

I work full-time Mon-Fri (7AM-3PM) so generally I like to start around 6PM. We can negotiate how late based on the day, but it varies.

What happens when we’re done?

-After recording, it’s time to set up time to mix. I generally do not give out CDs/.WAVs of your music until it is all mixed. When mixed you will receive your music to critique and if things need changed, don’t hesitate to let me know!

When do I pay you?

-After the project is completed and you are totally satisfied!

What if I thought you did a crummy job?

-Hopefully you’d let me know early on so we can stop or start over but if you’re completely unsatisfied, I will not charge you but you will not receive your music.  

What else have you recorded?

-The list continues to grow and I’d be glad to show you!

Can I give you an example of what I want the recording to sound like?

-Absolutely. You’d be doing us both a favor. I can’t guarantee a direct match but we can certainly take a stab at it!


-Tight Bros (LP/7")

-Pretty Pretty (7")

-The Sidekicks (Demos)

-All Dogs (Single)

-Good Shade (LP)

-Sleep Fleet (Demos)

-Discrow (LP)

-Puberty Wounds (EP/Tape)

-Sacred People (EP)

-Goners/Murmurs (EP/Tape)

-Splashin Safari (EP/Tape)

-noiseblanket (EP/Tape)

-Lose the Tude (7"/Tape)

-Katherine (LP/Tape)

-Dirty Mouth (EP/Tape)

-Slugging Percentage (Single)

-Sardaukar (TBA)

and many more!


Equipment List

-Pro Tools M-Powered

-Reason 4

-Custom PC with 8GB RAM

-Profire 2626

-Presonus Digimax

-1971 Fender Twin Reverb

-1965 Silvertone 1x8 Tube Combo

-M Audio Sputnik

-AT 4033

-2x AKG Perception 820s

-Electro Voice RE27N/D

-Sennheiser e609

-Audix D6, 2x F15, 3x F10, 1x F12

-AKG Perception 220

-Groove Tubes GT33

-Shure 2x SM 57

-Audio Technica ATM 650

-MXR M-80 Bass DI+

-Radial ProRMP for Reamping

-1970s Fibes Clear Fiberglass Kit (No Cymbals)

  • 22" kick
  • 12", 14", 16", 18" toms
  • 1960s Sonor Ferro-Manganese 14" Snare

-MIDI Capability for Keyboards

-Art TPS II 2 Channel Preamp

-2003 Gibson Voodoo SG

-2012 Duesenberg Dragster

More to come!




Tight BrosPretty PrettyGood ShadePuberty WoundsSacred PeopleGonersLose the TudeKatherineDirty MouthDan ConnerSplashin Surfari

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Welcome to Gut Genug Recordings!

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