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Hello, my name is Helder Silva and I like to have fun, think big, make stuff and put that stuff on display.

I think in pictures and I like to bend imagination from reality. That's why I always use and create imagery to solve a problem.

I see possibilities an: illustrator, photographer and videographer.

As a Civil Engineer I've passed through the various fields of building: planning, designing, materials research and control, construction and remodeling.
Yeah, I have the practical building knowledge to literally move mountains - just remember that about me :-)

Yes I Can

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Combining creativity, talent, business and determination I consider myself an Engineer of Creative Possibilities.

So if you need a Civil Engineer to build a skyscrapper or some other incredible thing I can help you. Besides all the technical and financial planning, I'm also a great team motivator and a creative solutions seeker.


But I can also help you find innovative graphic solutions as I'm always exploring different themes, styles and skills:

- photography and photo manipulation/retouching
- illustration
- videography


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You can discover my latest drawing project at my blog:

or buy some of my stuff:




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