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For many couples who do not have children, it is a matter of great relief that there are other techniques available to them tolet them experience the joy of parenthood. In many cases, people find themselves struggling to overcome the mental trauma that they face when they are informed that they cannot have children. While it is easy to think about the alternate methods such as adoption or surrogacy, there are many who consider it a slur to get help for their personal shortfalls. In many cultures, it is still considered the sole problem of the woman where it could be either partner’s faults.

Causes of Infertility among couples

The common causes of infertility among the couples are endometriosis, lower sperm count, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), varicoceles and fallopian tube blockage or damage. Among these problems like endometriosis, PCOS and problems with the fallopian tubes among the women and men generallysuffer from the reduced sperm count and varicoceles. Endometriosis can be quite a painful situation as it not only causes infertility but also brings a world of hurt during periods, intercourse and even for any bodily functions which involve the said area. Some can be treated with the help of medicines and hormone treatment, but in extreme cases may require surgery.

Treatments available for infertility

Infertility treatments are done in two different methods which are quite popular among those couples who have been undergoing the problems with regard to any form of inability to have conceived or carry the children to term. There are medications which help to enhance the sperm count and also to reduce the production of testosterone in the women. If they fail, there are also intrusive techniques which help in fertilizing the eggs and induce pregnancy. Common techniques adopted in facilities like International Assisted Reproduction Center are, IVF, ICSI, cryopreservation and IUI. These are collectively called the Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART.

Overview of techniques used

The common reasons why these IARC techniques are popular are whenhumans are incapable of getting pregnant naturally even with medications aiding the process, and it becomes necessary to get outside help. In the most popular technique of IVF, the sperm and egg extracted from the ovaries are fertilized outside the body and deposited inside the womb of the person who is to carry a child. ICSI is used when the sperm is incapable of entering the egg to be fertilized and helped along with the help of a needle inserted inside the egg that generates the right conditions for conceiving.

Alternate options if unsuccessful

Nevertheless, at times there are chances that the womb in itself is not capable of holding the embryo. This is seen to be most common of the reasons for the frequent miscarriages which happen with women. Alternatively, the pregnancy may prove dangerous for women with some medical conditions which prevent them from having a natural birth. In such cases, couples may opt for the option of surrogates who carry a child to term in their womb. The fertilized egg is placed into their womb and they become the vessel to carry this child to term. The best option is to approach a reputed center for help.

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