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I'm a freelance copywriter, namer and columnist living in Phoenix, AZ. I'm here to make you look good.

I currently collaborate with a number of Portland, OR branding and design groups such as Mojo Studios, Illusio Design, and Expand Your Brand, adding my concrete, vivid, and human voice to their visual prowess.

I've also spent the last three years working as a name developer with groups like Namebase, Nameflash, Brandplay, and Idiom Naming. Whether you're looking to name your product, company, cat, or new dance move, I'll deliver you a result that's smart, punchy, and sticks in the brain.

Feel free to browse my work, stalk my Twitter feed, high five my friends at Portland Creative List, or send up a copywriting distress signal.

Recent Work


Current project: All the copywriting for the website of a financial management company, in conjunction with Mojo Studios, who are providing the web design.


Product Copywriting

Rose Tea Set     Bossbot     Arcadian Tealight Holder     Sea Salts Collection     Exotic Tea Set

Blog Copywriting

The Eggling     Snack Tower     Saint Patrick's Day Treats     Hawthorne Books     Betty Lou's

Naming Work

THE NUMINIST - Arts and Culture Website

QUESTING BEAST - Fantasy and Gaming Youtube Channel

CUPIOUS - Coupon company

RUBICA - Vacation destination

KITESTRING - Editing group

SIMULACRUM - Student arts journal

JACKS & GIANTS - Board game

THISTLE HOUSE - Publishing house

ARTIFEX - Culture magazine

Other Projects

Questing Beast

The Numinist

The Ontological Geek

Artifex Journal




Case Study


A sample of work completed for Mojo Studios in Portland. The client was a financial management company (website still under construction.)


"Straight Talk. Low Fees. Cooper Financial cuts through the chatter to deliver you clear, reliable financial advice tailored for your life."

-Invested in You

As Fee-Only Fiduciary Advisers, we answer only to the people we serve. We act solely in the best interests of our clients’ long-term prosperity, deriving no profits from commissions or sales of any kind. Each investment portfolio is hand-built to fit its client's unique needs, without compromises. Our clients trust us with their futures, and that's a level of trust we work to earn every day.

-Forget the Fees

Managing your money shouldn't be a pain in the pocketbook. Due to our particular licensing, we're able to forgo many of the fees charged by other financial managers, saving our clients 70% of these costs. Don't let your hard-earned wealth get nickel-and-dimed away by unnecessary fees; keep it where it can work for you.

-Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Investment advice. Tax management. Estate planning. Asset allocation strategies. When we say we provide all-inclusive financial management, we mean it. Our process allows us to look at our clients' finances from a comprehensive perspective, ensuring stability and efficiency across the board. Working with us means optimizing your fractured financial life into a streamlined, integrated machine, built to meet your goals on time.

-Your Money, Clarified.

We do more than simply protect and grow our clients' wealth. We translate the legalese, sort out the consequences, and clarify the choices so that they can become active participants in their own financial lives. We're only doing our jobs right if our clients come away from each meeting more confident and capable than they were before.

-Loyal. Honest. Human.

In a world of call centers and email, we restore something human. We're big on in-person meetings, visiting our clients every month if they so choose and calling them regularly to update them on any changes or opportunities. The people we serve aren't numbers on a screen, they're essential business partners, and our relationships with them form the backbone of everything we do.

“What We Do” page headline: “Forging a more human economy.”

“How We Work” page headline: "Your future, built to last."

“Case Studies” page headline: "More than just partnerships. Alliances."

“Contact” page headline: "Prosperity begins here."



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