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Kyle Warnick has been telling stories his entire life, as an Eagle Scout sitting around the campfire, as an occasional stand-up comic, as a PR pro for companies like T-Mobile, the National Cancer Institute, and Microsoft. Kyle will make you laugh, maybe even cry (or at the very least get choked up), and show you how to think different and use storytelling to be a powerful tool in your life, both personally and professionally.

Kyle is currently at Microsoft which he joined in July 2006 as the senior marketing communications manager for Microsoft Surface. In this role, Kyle was responsible for directing and handling all the PR, marketing, and branding communication strategies that introduced the world to Microsoft Surface and the surface computing category. He currently works on customer experience and communications efforts for XBOX Live.

Before coming to Microsoft, Kyle worked for T-Mobile USA, where he served as a corporate spokesperson and oversaw all media/analyst relations and internal communications for T-Mobile HotSpot. Prior to T-Mobile, Kyle founded his own PR consultancy firm, Chapter 2, where he directed all PR efforts for a variety of technology and non-profit clients.

Kyle has also managed both national and international PR programs for AT&T Wireless, InfoSpace Mobile and other wireless and technology companies while at two Northwest PR agencies, OnPR and Rolling Thunder Marketing. At the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Kyle dedicated several years to directing statewide and countywide communications and health advocacy and developed a youth activist organization that earned national and Presidential recognition.

Kyle holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art and English from Seattle Pacific University and a master’s degree in organizational management from the University of Phoenix.



Hire Kyle to Speak

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Kyle Warnick is an in-demand speaker at conferences and organizations. Kyle speaks about marketing, communications and the power and role of storytelling in business and your personal life. He’s full of energy, thrives on interactive discussions and prefers to leave the podium behind. And when it comes to Powerpoint…you won’t die a slow death.


Kyle likes to tailor his presentations to the audience and will work with your organization to create a unique talk that will resonate with attendees and ensure they walk away fired up and ready to tell great stories.


But don’t just take Kyle’s word for it. Here’s what others have to say…

“Kyle's coaching reminded us why we got into the public relations trade: we like to tell stories that other people enjoy hearing. Sometimes agencies drink their clients' Kool-Aid and default to peddling corporate messages that no one cares to hear. Kyle gave my team the justification we need to push back and remind clients that they have fantastic stories that naturally deliver their messages, and in a far more compelling way. That's been a big part of our success in commanding the attention of big time media for our clients.”

-John Raffetto, CEO of Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications, a Washington DC and Seattle public relations firm


“Kyle is one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve ever worked with, and was rated our top speaker at the PRSA Jumpstart event. Kyle captivates his audience by injecting fun and interactivity into his presentations, which means what he shares sticks with people long after the workshop has ended. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Kyle again.”

-Amber Ukena, Marketing Strategies Director, Owner – Engineuity Marketing & Former PRSA Jumpstart Committee Chair


“We are consistently encouraging our employees to share their ideas for Society Consulting. Kyle’s presentation brought to light just how simple and effective communicating these ideas and concepts can be through a story. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Kyle speak multiple times and each time is just as engaging and effective as the first.”

-Tanna Radtke, Society Consulting


“I’ve heard Kyle speak at professional association meetings, as well as lead engaging workshops. Each time, his enthusiasm for storytelling inspired me to improve my stories—at work and in my creative writing projects—in ways I had yet to imagine. I highly recommend Kyle as a raconteur extraordinaire, spinning tales of wonder and inviting his wide-eyed audience on magical journeys through his keen grasp of the art of storytelling.”

-Teresa Goertz, UA writer, novelist







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