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The rise of digital recording has been liberating for small-budget labels and home-recorded artists. For many of these projects, however, the mixing process gets overlooked.

My name is Justin Hind, and I am a Philadelphia-based Recording Engineer. My goal with 'Mix, Please' is to give independent musicians and small labels the opportunity to have their music professionally mixed and mastered at an affordable rate.

I can take your recording session files in whatever format they were recorded in (Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Cakewalk, Garageband, Acid, Reaper, etc.) and mix them so they are radio-ready. I would generally recommend getting your mixes mastered by a separate mastering house (no matter who mixed them), but I can provide this service as well for those on a tight budget.

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Q: In what formats can I submit my music?

I can work with practically any format you record in. That includes Pro Tools sessions, Logic sessions, GarageBand sessions, Cakewalk sessions, WAV files, AIFF files, MP3 files, etc.

Q: What if I'm not happy with your mixes?

I am very confident that you will be happy with your mixes. That is why I'm happy to provide you with samples of your songs mixed BEFORE you pay. I will continue to make changes until you are satisfied. If you are never satisfied, you never pay.

Q: How do I submit my files to you?

You can upload your files online or send them on data CD/DVDs. When you place an order you will be given the option to specify which option you would prefer. If you have a Dropbox or account, you are one step ahead and uploading will be very simple.

Q: My vocal takes are not perfect. Can you improve them?

Yes, pitch correction and any other editing that needs to be done are part of the mixing process, all of which I will handle for you.

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