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Importance Of Pretest Driving


Once you have achieved sufficient driving experience and all 12 EDT lessons are completed, it is important to take the pre-test courses from the pretest driving school as a part of final preparation for the driving test. This course is designed Driving Lessons Dublin in a way to introduce the learner what is involved in the test. During the course, the learner would find out what the test format will be and gains an understanding the sequence of events that happen normally in final test.

All safety checks, assessing the learner driving skills and how the tests are marked is explained during this time. On an average every learner will need to take somewhere between 3 to 5 hours with an Approved driving instructor to pass the test. As every learner is different, it is recommended to take the first pre-test lesson at least 15 days before the test date. The instructor can assess the driving and recommends how many lessons should be taken. Practice time between every lesson is very important to work on those areas of driving that needs improvement.

All lessons needed for pre-test are conducted on test routes to ensure the learners are completely prepared and also he/she is confident for the test. Learners who complete at least 5 hours of pre-test course and gets complete benefit of instructors who are highly experienced gets 90% pass rate. There are different kinds of courses available depending on the experience the learner has driving on myEDT Driving School the road. The key to passing the test is to completely prepare. It is important for the learner to understand what to expect from the test and how events would unfold on the day of the test. There is no point to attend the test if the learner is not prepared.

What is the benefit of attending pre-test?

There are different benefits of attending pre-test. Firstly, the assessment would identify the areas the learner needs to work on to bring driving up to the standards. They learner will also be advised on what is required to give him/her the best chance of passing the test. Secondly, it is essential to get the assessment booked as soon as the learner received the date of appointment for the test. This will be normally 4 weeks in advance so it gives sufficient time for the learner.
How is pre-test done?

After taking driving lessons in Dublin, the qualified and approved instructor will coach on different routes chosen and take you through all elements of driving test step by step. This is done, so you know what to expect from day one. Secondly, the school should cover the use of vehicle control and driving procedure. The examiner will expect you to demonstrate on road in order to pass. Most importantly, the school will work together with you during pre-test to build your confidence. The course for pre-test includes free of charge after the lessons are completed. The contents include formal test report, detailed test report notes explaining the skills and list of all possible technical questions that are expected during the final test and also detailed notes explaining the skills of the learner where he should demonstrate.

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