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NETWORK FOR HUMANITARIAN SERVICES (NEHUS)-Cameroon is a not-for-profit development non-governmental organisation that promotes an integrated, holistic, and participatory rural development. It operates in all ten regions of Cameroon. NEHUS assists poor rural and urban communities in realizing their development objectives through six different program areas:

   At NEHUS, our mission is improving lives, reducing poverty, and empowering people so that they can meet their needs without compromising the needs of future generations. NEHUS was created and registered as an association in 2013.

            New Town , Limbe, Cameroon -- -- (+237)66 255 7618   /(+237)69 882 4516


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Improving lives, reducing poverty, and empowering people
A society where everyone, especially the most marginalized, are empowered economically, culturally, and socially with equal opportunities to enhance their capacities to exploit their potentials to the maximum.
NEHUS believes in an approach to development that is participatory, integrated, and holistic
Participatory: When evaluating the feasibility of a project, NEHUS takes into consideration not only the need, but also the commitment of the community to participate and help themselves.For example, during infrastructure projects, NEHUS provides industrial construction materials and skilled oversight, while the community provides locally-available materials and labour. In this way, communities participate in their own development and gain the capacity to undertake future initiatives without NEHUS' support.
Integrated: NEHUS believes strongly that isolated actions cannot lead to any meaningful development in a community. In consequence, we have adopted an integrated rural development approach, involving six different programs. These programs address different sides of the same coin, allowing development actions to be more sustainable and have greater impact. For example, creating a conducive learning environment will not necessarily improve attendance rates if students are still falling ill from contaminated water and missing classes. Each program is supported by the other programs, and each intervention achieves multiple objectives.
Holistic:NEHUS  programming is also holistic; it takes many different elements into consideration. This is the only way to effectively achieve its objectives. For instance HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention is mainstreamed throughout our projects, instead of being limited to the scope of the health program.


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    How to Benefit from NEHUS Programs

In order to benefit from one of NEHUS' programs, follow these steps:
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  1. Submit an application to our head office at New Town, Limbe, or The application should detail your/your community's current situation, highlight the problem, steps that have been taken to resolve it so far, and who will participate in any project that takes place.
  2. Include photos and supporting documents that clearly show the current situation, such as a photo of a broken school structure, or a photocopy of a school transcript for scholarship/nursing applicants.
  3. Contact our office at or (+237) 66 255 7618 to verify any additional requirements for your specific program of application.
  4. Be prepared to participate in any project that takes place. If you apply to an infrastructure project, begin preparing your local materials (sand, stones, etc.) ahead of time to have a better chance of being selected.
Once you have submitted an application, a team of staff from our office will follow up with you to carry out a feasibility study or gather additional information as needed. Please be aware that NEHUS  receives many more applications  than we have the funds to support, and therefore must prioritize the applications received according to degree of need and level of community participation. If you have any questions prior to submission or wish to follow up on an application, you can always contact us.



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How to Support NEHUS Programs

NEHUS programs would not be possible without the support and contributions of our friends and partners. If you wish to support our work, please consider taking one of the following actions:
Volunteers and interns at the Head Office

Support a program

NEHUS receives series of applications  in each of its program areas. Unfortunately, our funding is limited and as such we are forced to select only a few of these applications for follow up and implementation. This means that many communities and individuals are left to cope by themselves. If you, your organisation or company wishes to support any of our individual programs, please get in touch with us at

Support our operations

As a small, low-resource organisation, most of our funding is project-oriented. This means that we do not have a sustainable source of operational funding for important costs such as staff salaries, mobility means, feasibility studies and monitoring and evaluation, etc. This is currently our single greatest barrier to increasing our reach and capacity. If you, your organisation, or company wishes to support us in our operational costs, it would greatly increase our capacity to carry out our programs effectively. Please be in touch at


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As a low-resource organisation, NEHUS relies on the contribution of volunteers. Our volunteers are both national and international, and work in all of our program areas according to their interests and skills. We prefer that volunteers spend a minimum of 6 months with us. Volunteering with NEHUS is a fantastic way for young people to improve their skills and gain experience in their field while supporting their communities and learning about community development. If you are interested in volunteering please submit a CV to our head office at New Town, Limbe, or to


Contact Us


New Town Limbe

South West Region,Cameroon

 (00237)680533164 or (00237)69 882 4516

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