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Olmsted Community Church is pleased to share in this ministry of your special day.  Your wedding can be personalized to reflect your love as a couple. Our pastor will provide specific help in planning this celebration of God's love and your commitment to one another. 

A little about our church and our wedding ministry

Olmsted Community Church has a special ministry in helping couples celebrate their love and commitment in a beautiful and worshipful setting. You don't have to be a member of our church to be united here, but we encourage you to celebrate your ceremony in a church where you worship regularly and where you plan to locate yourselves as your spiritual community of faith. Many couples consider our church an excellent place to learn about God and grow in faith.

Our regular services are held on Sundays at 10AM in the Sanctuary. You're welcome to join us for worship any time. And our minister is available for pastoral care before and after your ceremony.

Olmsted Community Church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ in covenanted mission activities of Jesus Christ in the world. We welcome inquiries from all couples.



  1. Contact the church office when you have a date in mind. You may want to have several dates to check out. The church's phone number is 440-235-3326, or you can email us at We urge you to contact the church prior to making final reception plans.
  2. Review our policies and make a deposit to reserve the date. A $200 non-refundable deposit is due at the date of booking for non-members. See the entire list of costs by clicking the link at left. Review the church's policies for weddings here, add your signatures, and submit the form to the church office with your deposit.
  3. Arrange for visits with our pastor. The pastor presides over all weddings at Olmsted Community Church. Once your selected wedding date is approved, the pastor will then meet with you for the required planning session. Call the church or CLICK HERE for an appointment no later than 2 months before your selected date.

Your Ceremony

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Our goal is to work with you to bring the best of traditions and your own personal touch to your service.

The vows you take are the focus of the service at Olmsted Community Church. They contain the promises that you make for a lifetime and need to reflect the sacredness of the moment. Our pastor will review the vows with you at a pre-ceremony counseling session. The traditional vows have been updated to reflect equality between partners and the commitment that you as a couple will be making. We offer an option for adding personal statements after your vows.

We can share some helpful ways for including special persons in your service such as children or families. There are also opportunities to honor the memory of deceased family members. Talk to the pastor about your wishes.

Some couples choose to use a Unity Candle in the ceremony, with one large candle flanked by two smaller ones that the couple lights together reflecting the theme of two who become one. Sand ceremonies are also permitted. The pastor can review this or other symbolic measures with you.

Some couples print programs, but this is a matter of choice. The pastor can guide you on what should be included in the program.


The Sanctuary organ is a 47-rank Casavant Freres pipe organ. A grand piano is also available.

Our church organist plays for services at Olmsted Community Church. The organist can assist in the selection of music that is appropriate for a worshipful ceremony and that matches well with our church's instruments. The organist may be contacted through the church office at (440) 235-3326 or by email:

In addition, the organist will work with any soloist or other musicians you wish to participate.  Soloists and instrumentalists that require extra rehearsals may result in additional fees for the organist.

Arrangements for other musicians should be discussed with the pastor.


Biblical passages for your ceremony.

Some couples like to involve friends or family members in readings during the ceremony. Here are some suggestions for texts to consider. Talk it over with our pastor who will help you know if a particular reading is appropriate for a worshipful ceremony, or best used at a reception or other gathering.

Most frequently chosen scripture readings:

Old Testament Readings

New Testament Readings



Scheduling and Costs


To schedule your wedding at OCC, please contact the church office by email or phone (440-235-3326).


Your fees help cover the church’s costs of facility use and staff time.


Sanctuary (seats up to 350), $600

Chapel (seats up to 30), $100

Fellowship Hall and Kitchen for dinners or reception (with tables and chairs to seat up to 150), $250

Outdoor Worship Center, please discuss with pastor


      Coordinator (required for sanctuary services), $150

Organist, $175

Custodian, $50

Minister, $275

A $200 non-refundable deposit is due for all non-member sanctuary ceremonies at the time of booking. All fees are due one week before the ceremony date.  Staff fees are payable to the individual staff members.

If you have financial restraints, we do offer options to keep your costs lower. Please talk to the pastor about options.

Active members of Olmsted Community Church--those who regularly attend and contribute to the life of the church--are provided discounted costs.


Wedding Policies

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