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My name is Ariane Vigil and I create custom unique accessories and homemade desserts. My products are made with quality and attention to detail, and are sold at a reasonable price. A variety of materials are used in my designs of hair accessories, purses, and wallets.  My homemade baked goods include cake pops, cakes and other pastries.

I began crafting at the age of thirteen and have thoroughly enjoyed spending time creating unique gifts and baked goods.  I have taken sewing and cake decorating classes to help me grow my business.  As well as, being involved with the Young Entrepreneurs program.

As part of giving back to the community, a portion of my proceeds is used to make headbands for the young ladies in the oncology unit at a local children's hospital.

I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoy crafting them!

Hair Accessories


Hair Accessories as shown or custom made.

  1. Headband ($4)
  2. Glitter Headband Adult ($3) Child ($2)
  3. Hair or lapel pins ($3)
  4. Lapel pins ($4)
  5. Jewel Headband ($4)
  6. Large purple flower lapel pin ($6)
  7. Flower hair pin ($4)
  8. Headband ($5)
  9. White hair or lapel pin ($6)
  10. Hair or Lapel Pin ($5)
  11. Lace headband with flowers ($5)
  12. Blue and White Polka dot Flower. Can be put on a clip/lapel or headband ($6)
  13. Lapel pin ($4)
  14. Hair Clip ($5)
  15. Hair or lapel pin ($4)
  16. Hair clip ($5)



Purses can be custom made in any color or style.

  1. Duck tape purse ($15)
  2. Large fringe duck tape purse ($20)
  3. Small duck tape purse ($8)
  4. Duck tape wallet ($5)
  5. Duck Tape Wristlets ($4)
  6.  Zebra Duck Tape Wristlet ($4)
  7. Mustache Wristlet ($4)
  8. Duck Tape Long Wallets ($5)
  9. Coin purse or Card holder ($5)
  10. Large Duck Tape ruffle purse ($12)
  11. Small Ruffle Duck Tape Bag ($8)

Cake Pops


Cake Pops ($1 each):

  1. Pumpkin Cake Pops
  2. Christmas Cake Pops
  3. Sprinkled Christmas Cake Pops
  4. Sprinkled cake balls
  5. Wedding Pops
  6. Pirate Pops

Camera Straps


Camera Straps ($15):

  1. Pink Camera Strap (Made for DSL cameras)
  2. Varied Colors and Patterns (Custom orders can be placed)
  3. Denver Broncos and Checkered
  4. Custom Order



Examples of cakes I have made.



Scarves  ($10):

  1. Purple Lace
  2. Black and white Infinity
  3. Pink and White Lace Infinity
  4. White Toddler Infinity



Craft shows and events I have participated in.

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