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What To Do When Your Pet Looks


If you have adopted a pet, it is your responsibility to take care of him, feed him timely meals and keep him healthy and strong. Moreover, if you have adopted a female gender of any animal, you need to be more particular about her health as she loses a lot of vitamins and minerals during her periods.

As you walk down the street with your dog, you may meet some friends with their pets. Suddenly, you realize that your dog hides behind you being afraid of the size of your friends’ dogs. It might not be embarrassing for him, but it is surely for you. Then you realize that your dog is certainly weaker in health than your friends’ dogs. Thus, unless you have bought a breed that does not grow in size or shape, it is essential for you to have a tummy filled pet that does not look weaker to you or even your friends. So what to do if you pet looks weaker, you ask. Following are a few suggestions that you must follow to have a healthier pet:

•    Increase his diet:

Dogs and cats may leave their food if they don’t like what they eat. On the other hand, if they like something, they can eat more than sufficient. Find out what they like and feed them with the correct things. Avoid feeding them with the wrong stuff that would not help in increasing their health and size. In case of a loss of appetite due to any medical treatment that your pet is going through at the moment, consult your doctor if you don’t wish to lose him. ‘Eating less means being less healthy’for the pets, as their diet needs to be good enough to give them sufficient strength for their regular activities.

•    Add dietary supplements:

Brands like RenAvast have brought in supplements for both the cats and dogs that you own so that you have a healthier pet in your life. Nobody likes to see the deteriorating health of his pet and thus, you need to be extra careful about your pet, especially if he has already started looking pale and weak without any reason or breed specification. RenAvast for dogs is one of the supplements highly sold in the market as dog owners love the way their pets eat them without being forced for the consumption.

•    Train them:

Apart from giving them supplements of brands like RenAvast, ensure that you give your proper training to your pets. People believe that cats can’t be trained. Yet, there are so many cat owners who have trained their cats marvelously. On the other hand, if you have a dog and especially if you feed him with supplements like for dogs, you are surely going to enjoy the company of a healthy, energetic and happy looking dog who is not afraid of any of your friends’ dogs. Feed them good to train them good and keep them healthy and happy.

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