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The Nutshell


With Storycrafted, tell your clients who you are and what you do. Paint the picture with professional but approachable images, welcoming language, and individual engagement – both online and face-to-face.

We help businesses and individuals tell the stories they’re struggling to communicate. The best narratives come from a strong foundation, attracting interest from the first glance. Compelling and appealing, details matter as much as the theme. You need a well-crafted storyline, based on a clear sense of how you can meet your clients’ needs and desires.

Many a great concept has floundered, due to a failure to connect to its market. The missed connection boils down to miscommunication – perhaps from trying to be all things to all people – and under-communication: being closed off to those who seek you out. Don’t let that happen to you. When you tell you story truthfully and engagingly, the right people will find you: the ones you won’t struggle to connect with.

Our mission is to cut through the noise to find the real story, whether you're well-established or preparing for launch. If your goal is to bring the gospel of great coffee to the under-caffeinated masses, dress the carefree bride for her wedding, or feed the most meticulous locavores, a well-written story is vital to your professional identity.

So. What’s your story?

Your Ghostwriter

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Gifted in the 1980s with the doubly memorable moniker of Katie Smith, I learned early that you need to define your own identity or get lumped in with all the other Katies in your first grade class. Me? A perpetual dabbler, I'm always exploring a new skill or activity: I'm a distance cyclist, a photographer, a traveler, a writer, and a godmother. (Alas, not of the fairy variety.)

My corporate background is in marketing, communications, and social media for nonprofits, a boring way of saying I can tell your story dynamically, and without gimmicks.

I'm interested in helping make your exterior match your interior. Whether you're a freelancer, an artist, an entrepreneur, or even seeking a Juliet, your public is waiting.

Why Storycrafted?


The most public face of your business is usually your web presence. It's nearly universally accessible to your potential market. As opposed to a physical storefront or a personal interaction, where a potential client is likely to be further along the conversion continuum, your online presence – or lack thereof – may be your first impression for a new contact.

Word-of-mouth is as important as ever, but that interaction has evolved from porch chats to social media shares and online reviews. Your website and digital identity are the next stop to find out about your work, your offerings, and the atmosphere or personality they can expect to encounter. It's also how they find out the simplest information: your hours, your contact information, or your pricing. If vital communication gets lost in the noise (or simply doesn't exist) you'll lose a potential customer or client to someone with more robust, readily-shared information.

Unfortunately, for many small businesses and freelancers, the daily pressures of delivering your product leave little time or concentration for what you may dismiss as a minor part of the business game. Doesn't a game-changing product, an impeccably seared swordfish, a satisfied client, or a five-star review mean you've adequately covered your bases? Not if no one knows about it!

Simply put: for today's connected, social media-influenced, and connection-craving consumers, the experience is as important as the product or service...and much of the time, that experience begins online.

We started Storycrafted to fill the needs of the small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists who recognize that rich, quality web coverage is a vital step towards success. To simplify the concept: you give us the gist, and we give you the words (and pictures of course). Our photographs and web copy will help you put your best foot forward.

We'll also be happy to create a simple website for you, or get you in touch with another part of the independent creative team: a developer who can design a custom site from the ground up to meet your needs, a graphic designer to create a logo and refine your branding, or print specialists to produce your physical marketing pieces.




Storycrafted offers a select range of custom content creation and promotion. Bespoke images, descriptive language, and engaging social media are the highlights, but let’s discuss your needs.

Currently, Storycrafted is physically based in Jacksonville, Florida. While many of our professional services can be conducted remotely through online and phone discussions at standard rates, pricing for photography services depends on local availability. All photography services include high-resolution, un-watermarked digital files of curated images from the session.

Individual Services

Your needs are unique. Pricing listed is a guideline reflective of average minimum requirements for local projects. Each project will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Copywriting - from $95
From a simple home page introduction, to regular blog posting, to a full suite of explanations and product descriptions, your need for custom copy may vary.

Copy Editing/Proofreading - from $75
For existing web content, we provide grammatical and spelling revisions and error corrections, and address absent information.

Photography - from $350
Photography time investment varies widely depending on the scope of your needs, but for most purposes, a variety of photographs to illustrate your business and your products or services, or to introduce yourself and your team begins around $350.

Social Media Management - from $10/day
Have a Facebook page, Twitter handle, or Instagram account for your business, but don’t know how to engage with your followers? Not sure how social media might be valuable for you? Just too many other things to worry about? Let’s discuss your goals for your interactive online identity. We can handle that, too!

Service Packages

Your needs are unique. Pricing listed is a guideline reflective of average minimum requirements for local projects. Each project will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

The Full Story - from $599
A comprehensive overhaul or development of your core web content, including photography, copywriting, and copy editing. Ongoing content creation (e.g. writing or editing of blog posts) priced separately.

The Professional - from $199
We’ll create a headshot to put your best foot forward in your professional career, whether you’re a job seeker, a freelancer, or comfortably settled in the corner office. Includes a free proofreading (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) of your LinkedIn profile or other online bio.

The Cupid - from $199
If you’re thinking about dipping a toe in the online dating waters, or just want better responses, you’ll need a portrait that showcases your individual charm to go along with your freshly reviewed and refreshed profile. The focus is on casual, environmental portraits, not posed studio images. Pets welcome!


Ask away.


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