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We began our entrepreneurial journey in 2009, shortly after our parents started beekeeping. They were extremely excited with the prospect of us selling the honey we harvested from our two backyard hives. We learned that two hives were only enough to supply our hungry family and a handful of neighbors with honey, but there was a surprising and intriguing by-product: beeswax. Was there something we could do with the beeswax so it wasn’t wasted? With the popularity of beeswax lip balm, we quickly started researching recipes. We wanted natural ingredients and a great consistency. We made a few batches and people loved it. Our parents thought a lip balm business would be a wonderful learning experience. We found some more local beeswax on craigslist, ordered a bunch of empty tubes online, and were off and running.

It was time to begin designing and marketing our business. Our parents arranged for us to sell our Sweet Bee Lip Balm at the Young Americans Marketplace. We were given a booth and had a very good first sale. Our business just took off from there. The first year we only had Peppermint. The next year we added Vanilla, Strawberry, Root Beer, and Tropical Fruit. Over the years we’ve made little changes here and there to our business: expanding our product line, developing great flavors, improving our image, and building a large network of loyal customers!

Being in business as Sweet Bee Sisters is awesome. We are learning a ton about business, working together as sisters, and providing great products to appreciative customers. We can’t wait to see where this all leads.


Lip Balm


As sisters, we treasure our occasional family trips to the ocean; the gentle tumble of the waves, the salty breeze and the deep red sunsets.  Could we capture this magic in a lip balm?  Tropical Fruit has a rich, sharp smell that has made it a favorite.  It is loved by many for its ability to bring a little bit of exotic vacation to the comfort of home.


Many people have tried and failed to make a lip balm that was a favorite among the men. Sweet Bee Sisters attempted a manly flavor and succeeded!  Root Beer is unique among other lip balms which tend to follow a fruity pattern.  It's simple, clean and remarkably duplicates the root beer drink.


Just like for any other business, Christmas time is the busiest time of year for Sweet Bee Sisters. Why not have a lip balm to represent the joy and peace  of this season?  Although better known for its role during the holidays, Peppermint is loved year round.  It's sweet and soft as well as bright and exciting.  It never fails to add a little bit of spice to your day!


Sweet Bee Sisters has often claimed to have a flavor for every personality.  Some of our lip balms are strong and bold but others, like Vanilla, are quiet and soothing.  Many of our costumers love the gentle and calming feeling that Vanilla provides every time it's applied.  Vanilla is a beautiful combination that evenly blends sugar and spice.


Summer is the perfect time for fruit, and what better fruit to celebrate the sunshine with, than strawberries?  Strawberry lip balm, is refreshing, cooling, sweet, and perfectly represents Sweet Bee Sisters and summer time fun.  It's fruity, pure, and a perfect example of why Strawberry has become such a popular lip balm flavor.

Lotion Bars


A unique and calming moisterizer, lotion bars are perfect for refreshing dry skin.  They're firm and compact, but also soft and soothing.  With five diverse scents to choose from, we know you'll find a lotion bar that's perfect for you.


Dream is a soft scent with a hint of spice.  It's utterly relaxing and is pefect for every type of day.


Bamboo is cool and sweet.  Its very appropriatly named, as it gives the feeling of a rainforest adventure, but at the same time, the comfort and sweetness of home.


Lavender is a scent that has been loved by many for centuries.  Our Lavender lotion bar is no different.  It gives the sweet purple scent of flowers as well as the fresh, green feeling of spring.


Eucalyptus is a powerful and colorful scent.  It captivates those who love exploration, and exposes the bold beauty in simple things.  Eucalyptus is a refreshing scent for every time of year.


For those who are sensitive to fragrance, Au Naturale (or Unscented), is a wonderful option.  It is the perfect consistancy and leaves the skin feeling clean and new.  



In The News


Sweet Bee Sisters


CNN PRODUCER NOTE     lisamwarren encouraged her three daughters -- Lily, 13, Chloe, 12, Sophie, 9 -- to start their own business because she believes the country runs on small business. "It's great that kids can learn to be entrepreneurs," she said. They learn to be "okay with failing, creative, problem solvers," and they also learn "how to talk to adults" and how to "put out a product that people need or are excited about." 

The three girls became the Sweet Bee Sisters back in 2009. The family started beekeeping but realized they had more beeswax from harvesting the honey than honey itself. The girls decided they would start a business selling products that could be made from beeswax, like lip balm and lotion bars. 

Lily Warren, the oldest of the Sweet Bee Sisters, says she likes the control having her own business allows her. "I'm 13, so I've never worked for anyone, but if you have your own business it gives you the chance to make your own decisions," she said. "It lets you understand how you can be part of the adult world." 
Verybecoming, CNN iReport producer

Sweet Bee Sisters was founded by my sisters and me, Lily, in 2009 when we were ages five, seven, and nine. 
We began our entrepreneurial journey shortly after our parents started beekeeping. We were excited with our first honey harvest, which also granted us a lot of beeswax. Was there something we could do with the beeswax so it wasn’t wasted? With the popularity of beeswax lip balm, we quickly started researching recipes. We wanted natural ingredients and a great consistency. After a few recipe 
experiments, we settled upon the 
perfect mixture. We stocked up on ingredients, ordered a bunch of empty tubes online, and our business was off and running. Bit by bit, our marketing and design of Sweet Bee Sisters began to take shape. 

Over the years, we’ve made little changes here and there to our business. In December of 2012, we added lotion bars to our product line. Currently, we are working on adding new flavors of lip balm, as well as new lotion scents. Our new flavors include pomegranate and grapefruit. We are also working on adding naturally pigmented lip balms. We are very excited and busy with these new changes and we eagerly await our costumers’ responses. 

Being in business as Sweet Bee Sisters is awesome. We are learning a ton about business, sisterly teamwork, great products, and appreciative costumers. We can’t wait to see where Sweet Bee Sisters will take us! 

Lily, Chloe and Sophie 
Sweet Bee Sisters 





Sweet Bee Sisters Products

Lip Balms $3/Each
Au Naturale
Peppermint Tingle
Vanilla Sugar
Groovy Grapefruit
Juicy Pomegranate
Good Ol' Root Beer
Red Ripe Strawberry
Island Delight
Lotion Bars $5/Each
Au Naturale
Shipping cost $3 in the Continental U.S.
Free Shipping on orders of $20 or more.
After you place your order through emailing us at http://sweetbeesisters@gmail.com we will invoice you through PayPal.  Once the invoice is paid we will ship Sweet Bee Sisters products to the Address you provide.
If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We hope you find something that sparks your interest, and can't wait to hear what you choose.
Thank you for doing business with us,
Lily, Chloe & Sophie
Sweet Bee Sisters
​Ingredients:  Lip Balm:  Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Flavor Oils, Vit E
Lotion Bars:  Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Vit E​











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Make An Impact


As sisters, we're always looking for new opportunities to serve locally and globally through our business.  Over the years, we've supported national and international organizations (Soul Hope, 31:20, Compassion International, Get Hope Global, Joshua Station) but are always striving to do more!

Currently, we are raising funds for a missions trip that we will be taking in April (2016) to Juarez, Mexico.  The funds will cover the cost to build a house for a deserving family in Juarez.  We couldn't be more thrilled to be apart of this tremendous opportunity, and to see the incredible ways that we will be used to make an impact!

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