Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 Watch Online

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 Watch Online

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In extended promo for Teen Wolf season 3, episode 18, “Riddled,” gives us an additional look at Stiles’ dire situation.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 On the next episode of Teen Wolf, Stiles will go missing. In this new extended promo for season 3, episode 18, released by WetPaint, we see more of what’s in store for our favorite sidekick. Watch below:

There’s no smooth transition into the drama of this promotional clip. It begins will Stiles screaming, perhaps in fear, or perhaps in pain. Scott picks up his phone and immediately says, “Stiles, we’re coming to find you.” It seems as though Stiles has already been missing for a while.

As if Stiles hasn’t already been through enough, having been possessed by the nogitsune as was revealed in the last episode, Stiles is clearly traumatized by being kidnapped. There’s no smart comebacks like the time he was taken by Gerard. This time, he’s screaming and demanding to know who took him.

“I have to go,” Stiles says. “Why are you whispering?” Scott answers, clearly afraid for his best friend. “Because I think there’s someone in here with me.”

Did anyone else get chills?

The video ends with Stiles once again screaming, and this time he’s being dragged across the floor. The floor transitions between concrete to what looks like dirt, so we wonder how much of this will be based in realty and how much will continue to be hallucinations.

The words, “It’s starting,” flash on the screen before we see the man wrapped in bandages for a split second. Was it just us or did it look like he had the teeth of the nogitsune? Could this be a clue as to who this man is?

“It’s starting,” is also troubling. We’re only halfway through this second half of the season, and if things keep ramping up the way they are this early on, we’re not sure we’ll survive until the finale.


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