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Things To Consider When Buying Golf Bags. Read Up

Golf bags help with keeping things - your golf balls titleist, golf club, other personal items - safe throughout a several rounds of golf. They are fundamental to the sport of golf that you need to take some time and effort to make certain you get golf club bags that match your needs. There are three principal different types of golf club bags, each with their individual good and bad points. Before heading straight to specifics such as looks, colour, designs, you have to choose which of the three kinds you're going to use.

Staff Bags

Staff bags are what most of professional golf players go with. Those are the titleist golf drivers you see on television with all those sponsors showcased all over the body. These bags are huge and provide enough room to carry an entire set of 14 golf clubs. Experienced golf players will need a couple of golf clubs for different types of situations which is why they often utilise staff bags. Staff bags are in always leather golf bags making them heavier compared with other variants of golf bags. Most players don’t mind any extra weight since they've got an assistant to take care of their golf bags for them. But if you do not have caddies, carrying this type of bag for short distances can leave you exhausted. Unless you have an assistant or you use golf carts, it’s much better to use other golf bags. Or you can use this if you want to brag and don’t mind carrying the additional weight.

Cart bags

Cart bags are a little smaller compared with titleist golf clubs for sale, but weigh lighter. These bags are often used when you use a cart to travel on the golf course. Golf cart bags are specifically designed for that. You can simply fasten a golf cart bag to the back of your cart without getting stressed about it falling out. The pockets are also positioned in a way that make it easier to access even though the golf bag is secured to the back. Although they aren’t as heavy as staff bags, they'll still weigh as much as six to seven pounds that make it tiring to carry the golf bag with you for long distances. Because of this, cart packs are best when used for golf courses where carts are classified as primary mode of transportation.

Carry Bags

Carry bags are the lightest option available. They are made of lighter materials that makes carrying them simple and easy. They even go as low as two pounds. Carry bags are typically the alternative if you would want to exercise by jogging throughout your golfing game. Carry bags commonly comes with a pair of dividers which reduces the number of golf clubs you can actually bring. If you just started in playing golf, a carry bag is definitely the best option.

Each kind of golf bag has its own role. Selecting the right one for you will be based on how you'll play golf. If you will be using golf carts or have an assistant, then heavier leather golf bags would be for you. Buy the ones that have extra space, dividers, and also pockets in order to carry more stuff in your golf bag or else there would not be any reason for the extra weight. If you are just trying to play golf for the first time, then lighter golf bags will be a better match.


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