Chicken Wings $7.50
tossed in hot sauce, served with celery and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese.

Nachos $8.75

eight individual tostadas with grilled chicken, beans, cheese, jalapenos, sour cream and housemade salsa.

Fried Mushrooms $6.75

button mushrooms, hand-battered and fried to perfection, served with choice of dipping sauce.

Thick Cut Onion Rings $5.25

thick cut onion rings, beer battered and served hot with choice of dipping sauce.

Mozzarella Sticks $7.25

battered and fried, served with your choice of dipping sauce.

Breadsticks $4.75

basket of housemade breadsticks, topped with parmesan and served with red sauce.

Jalapeno Poppers $4.75

half dozen, fried and served with choice of sauce.

Chili Cheese Fries $5.50

smothered with beef and beans red chili or pork green chile.


Gourmet Pizzas & Quesadillas


Thai Zah Pizza $10.25/Quesadilla $9.50

Chicken, sweet chili sauce, peppers, scallions, provolone and mozzarella with toasted peanuts and cilantro.


BBQ Chicken Pizza $9.75/Quesadilla $9.00

Chicken, onion, bbq sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.


Pesto Beef Pizza $11.25/Quesadilla $10.50

Basil pesto and beef with tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted shallots and a white cheese blend.


Tom-Tom Pizza $9.25/Quesadilla $8.50

Pepperoni, red sauce, cheese blend, balsamic syrup and fresh basil.


Grilled Chicken Pizza $9.50/Quesadilla $8.75

Chicken, green chiles, and bacon topped with cheddar cheese.


Offbeat Bareass Pizza $10.50/Quesadilla $9.75

Garlic olive oil, grilled chicken, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese blend and fresh basil.


Bodacious Bleu Pizza $10.25/Quesadilla $9.50

Beef with garlic oil, mushrooms, roasted shallots, topped with bleu cheese and cracked black pepper.


Comfort Food Pizza $10.50/Quesadilla $9.75

Beef with red sauce, onions, mushrooms, bacon, topped with cheddar and mozzarella.


North Shore Pizza $9.75/Quesadilla $9.00

Ham and pineapple with red sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Pronto Pie Pizza $10.00/Quesadilla $9.25

Italian Sausage, mushrooms, red sauce and mozzarella cheese


Build Your Own Pizza

Start with any sauce (garlic infused olive oil, fresh basil pesto, roasted tomato, sweet chili) and cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, pepperjack, provolone, parmesan, extra cheese, $2.25) for $7.75 

Veggies - .75 ea. Onion, bell peppers, tomatoes, scallions, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, basil, cilantro, green chiles, green olives, jalapenos, pickles, pepperoncini. Meats - $2.00 ea. - Beef, chicken, pepperoni, salami, italian sausage, ham.


Salads, Soups, & Sides

Caesar Salad $8.00

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and croutons, tossed in creamy caesar dressing. Add broiled chicken for $2.00


Steak Salad $10.00

Broiled eight ounce sirloin, over a bed of romaine, tomato, onion & blue cheese tossed in a red wine vinaigrette.


Side Salad $4.00

Choice of sour cream ranch, sherry bleu cheese with cracked black pepper, ginger sesame, or red wine vinaigrette


Pub Fare

Served with fries, housemade chips, or brown rice and vegetables. Substitute side salad for $2.50


Steak Sandwich $10.25

Broiled eight ounce Sirloin served open faced on a toasted hoagie roll.


Chicken Strips $7.75

With choice of dipping sauce. Served plain or spice it up with our hot wing sauce.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich$8.25

Grilled chicken breast with red and green peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and cumin jus, served on a hoagie roll.


Grilled Rueben Sandwich$8.50

Corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on rye bread.


Smoked Turkey $8.50

Smoked turkey breast served with green chiles, pepperjack cheese and bacon on a sourdough bun.


House Burger $7.50

A 1/3 lb burger, grilled to order. Served with lettuce, pickle, tomato and onion. Add cheese, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, green chiles or jalapenos for .75 each, and add bacon for $1.00.


Chili Cheese Burger $9.00

A 1/3 pound burger grilled to order, served open faced smothered with red or green chile.


Sliders $7.50

Three mini-burgers grilled with onions and topped with pickes, cheese and special sauce.


Philly Cheesesteak $8.50

Roast Beef with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms and melted swiss chees on a hoagie roll. 


Chili Dogs $7.00

Two hot dogs covered in red chili and cheese


Boca Burger $7.50

Vegetarian burger made with soy and wheat, served with lettuce, tomato and pickles, add cheese for .75.


Nightly Specials


Happy Hour Monday-Saturday 4-7pm $1 off all drinks
Happy Hour Sunday-Thursday 11pm-1am $5 Long Islands
Nightly food specials


UCPPE Bingo, progressive jackpot over $100


Tall Boy Tuesday $5 Monster Mugs of PBR for $5 7pm til 11pm
Karaoke with KJ Mikey at 10pm, no cover all night long


Wellness Wednesday $10 for all the wells you can drink from 9pm until midnight!


Poker at 7:30pm, free to play, great prizes 
Craft Draft Night free pool and $1 off all craft draft beers 10pm til 1am


Poker at 7pm, great prizes and free to play
Peaks and Pasties Burlesque/Boylesque in the Subterranean doors at 9pm


Karaoke with KJ Colin 10pm 


Open at 2pm

Broncos Games at the Underground! $2 Touchdown Shots (free for Broncos Club Members), Quarterly Raffles!
Poker at 2:30pm free to play $25 cash for first place winner
PBR Beer Bust 4-7pm $8 to benefit local charities

Private Parties


Book your private party or event at the Underground.  We have lots of different spaces for any size group, from 10 to 200 people! 

We offer great packages for as low as $200, which includes a bartender and DJ for two hours, along with 10 free drinks and balloons! We can add buffet style food, a formal dinner, or hor d'ouevres as well as bottle service.  We also give you free reign to decorate as you like and our DJ's work closely with you to provide the music and the vibe you desire. We are here to make your party simply amazing!

The Underground is a great place to have your party, we take care of everything and even clean up afterwards!

Contact Colin today to get your party booked!


Hours & Calendar


Monday through Saturday open 4pm til 2am 
Sunday open 11am til 2am 
Open 365 days a year!

Don't forget to check our nightly specials and our calendar!

Contact Us


110 N. Nevada Ave

Colorado Springs, CO




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