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The Real Deal With Electronic Cigarettes

Are you looking for a way to get your nicotine fix without getting the accompanying odor and dirty looks? It's time to consider an [Electronic Cigarette] as your next tobacco-related purchase. Of course, one of the best things about buying an [E-Cig] is the fact there won't be any tobacco in it. Electronic cigarettes deliver the nicotine they contain via harmless vapor. It's this vapor that makes some e-cig fans call using an electronic cig 'vaping' as opposed to smoking.
Another reason for the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes is the variety of looks they come in v2 cigs coupon. You can buy one that resembles a real tobacco cigarette or instead choose one that looks like a pen or a laser pointer. They come in all different colors and there are even places that will bling your electronic cigarette out.
You can buy a rechargeable e-cig or a disposable one. Disposable ones are starting to pop up at convenience stores, while the rechargeable ones are usually bought in a smoke shop. The disposable electronic cigarettes come in a wide range of flavors, though the two favorite flavors tend to be regular tobacco and menthol. This is true of the rechargeable ones too. Some of the other flavors you can choose from include:
1. Vanilla
2. Apple
3. Mint
4. Strawberry
5. Cola

Whichever type of electronic cigarette you choose, you probably will never want to go back to regular tobacco cigarettes. Why not join the 3 million Americans who have already traded smoking for vaping?

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