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The internet has always been my passion. Ever since I built my first site with Geocities (circa 1996), I became obsessed with the web. Now I thank God every morning because I do what I love.

My Story

I was born on August 9, 1985 in Monterrey, México. I attended the Monterrey Institute of Technology & Higher Education where I majored in Mechanical Engineering (Class of 2008).

My first job in business banking helped me notice the mediocre web presence of businesses of all sizes. Flashing forward to 2011, I started Sidengo with my friend Gabriel Garza, building a tool that allows anyone to create a beautiful and modern website in minutes.

Today our application helps tens of thousands of small businesses in over 150 countries around the world.

Quick Facts

I've been a big, avid fan of team sports since I was 5 years old. I live and die for the following teams:

Other random facts that'll make you know me better:

About Sidengo

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Sidengo is a do-it-yourself, what-you-see-is-what-you-get website builder that allows anyone without design/coding skills to create a website in minutes and embed it in Facebook or anywhere in the web.

Our goal is to build the most frictionless website builder out there. With Sidengo, your site goes live instantly and you can set it up as easy as you would setup a Facebook profile.

What's special about Sidengo is that your site is also a widget out -of-the-box and can be embedded anywhere on the web by anyone, just as easy as embedding a Youtube video. This means your entire site can be viewed in sidebars or blog posts.

Another special thing about Sidengo is that your site can be integrated with your Facebook Page in just a few clicks. Your visitors will be able to view your entire site in Facebook, allowing you to engage them through a more professional looking Page.

And there's more. Sidengo websites can be added to iPhone/iPad homescreens with your own app icon and be viewed outside the browser, just like an app.

So lets see, a beautiful and easy to build website, a widget, Facebook Page integration, and web-app out of the box... yeah, Sidengo is special.

Many people ask us: What does the name Sidengo mean? The truth is that it doesn’t mean anything in itself, but it’s a play on the words side and go. We like to pronounce it as “see-den-goh”.

Our Story

I co-founded Sidengo with Gabriel Garza on July 2011. In spite of being two mechanical engineers with a background in finance, we wanted to solve a problem that everyone has - creating a website.

We knew that there are lots of website building tools out there, but most of them are complex to use, require design skills, and the full content of the website cannot be distributed across the web, in other words, they just give you a website.

We decided to learn to code and after a few months, Sidengo was up and running. Less than a year later, the product launched and now helps thousands of people around the world.

Press Coverage 

We've been featured in several publications, including:

  • The Next Web: "There’s no limit to how Sidengo can be used."

  • Lifehacker: "Sidengo offers attractive, easy-to-create personal nameplates with multiple pages."

  • PC Magazine: "Sidengo is a great option for a small business with little or no online budget."

  • Appstorm: "Sidengo is an absolute joy to use and creates great-looking sites with very little effort required."

  • Makeuseof: "Sidengo is an excellent solution for anyone who wants and needs a compelling website."

Sidengo has also been featured on: El NortePulso Social.

Media Kit: Click here to download.

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